Silverstone Eudemon Fan Controller

Silverstone Eudemon Fan Controller

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    Most of us like to have a quiet PC, One way to achieve this is to use a Fan Controller. We also need to know our computers temperatures so that we can make sure our computer is not overheating and if it is take action by turning the fan speed up higher. Wouldn't it be great if your computer could do this for you? That's where Silverstone comes in with the Eudemon Fan Controller!

    The Silverstone Eudemon Fan Controller automatically monitors your computers temperatures and changes your fan speed to the right RPM to cool your computer effectively.



    The Silverstone Eudemon comes in a very attractive black box with a small window at the top so you can see what the product looks like.



    3 Thermal Sensors used to detect the temperature of CPU, SYS, and HDD

    3 fans are monitored by the Eudemon. The Eudemon will automatically adjust the fans speed according to the temperature.

    High temperature alarm

    Alarm clock

    Power LED and HDD LED indicators to let the user see the status of their computer.

    Setup and Installation

    Setting up the Eudemon was very simple using the included temperature probes and fan cables. Just stick the temperature probes on your CPU, Case and HDD. Then plug your fans into the unit using the fan extender cables, plug the unit into a spare molex connector and you're done!




    The LCD is a great addition as you can see the status of your HDD, Temps etc. It also has the Date, Time and fan speed. This is very useful to people wanting to know temperatures quickly.


    Testing was flawless, the unit preformed well and looks great in any case! It automatically adjusted the fan speed according to different temperatures very well. It also had a very accurate reading of the temperatures.


    I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a great, easy way to control their fans without needing to do anything. The LCD is also a great addition so that you can view temps etc.


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