Silverstone 460w Powersupply

Silverstone 460w Powersupply

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    Are you the type of person with multiple cathodes, HDD's, and optical devices? Then you will feel the stresses of generic power supply's, minimal molex connectors, fluctuating voltages, and just bad quality. But fortunately Silverstone is here to help us get away from these budget products.Let me tell you about the Silverstone company. Silverstone was established in May 2003. Targeting the market for High performance, Quiet solutions. They are rapidly coming out with great new products for every type of user. With the motto of "The force behind our innovation is your needs." I'm sure we will continue to see more great products coming from Silverstone.Today I will be reviewing the Silverstone 'ST46F(PFC)' Power Supply.


    What's in the box

    Upon opening the box you are provided with
    1x Silverstone 'ST46F(PFC)' Power Supply Unit
    4x Mounting screws
    1x Power Cord


    The Silverstone 'ST46F(PFC)' comes packaged in a very attractive silver coloured box. Before even opening the box I could already feel quality in the time they have taken to design very good looking 'reseller ready' packaging.


    Above you can see the massive 120mm cooling fan. But don't say to yourself "120mm oh that will be noisy" because it certainly is not! The fan spins at around 2500rpm producing 22dba (MAX) of noise, And if that is not enough it is also thermally controlled so that it spins slower when the computer is cooler.

    Silverstone have also provided thoes of us with many devices a very nice feature, lots of connectors. Silverstone have included native SATA support with four real SATA connectors, not just an adapter. There is also eight standard four pin molex connectors, two floppy power connectors, one P4 connector, one standard ATX connector, and a fan RPM wire to monitor the 120mm fan's RPM using your motherboard.

    The ATX and P4 power cables are also pre-sleeved with black braided sleeving. I would have liked to see all the cables sleeved the same way but that's only a minor point.



    Silverstone has really taken the time to create a great looking product, I found the dark black colour to be really stylish, this power supply would look great in a case with a window. No more ugly gray generic power supply unit.



    I decided to test the power supply by using it in my main computer doing day to day things for 48 hours. To get some results I used Motherboard Monitor to record the voltages. Motherboard Monitor is available from

    3.3 Volt Line

    3.3 Volt Line, Idle
    3.33 Volts
    3.3 Volt Line, Load
    3.43 Volts
    3.3 Volt Line, Average
    3.39 Volts

    5 Volt Line

    5 Volt Line, Idle
    4.98 Volts
    5 Volt Line, Load
    5.12 Volts
    5 Volt Line, Average
    5.09 Volts

    12 Volt Line

    12 Volt Line, Idle
    12.03 Volts
    12 Volt Line, Load
    12.10 Volts
    12 Volt Line, Average
    12.06 Volts


    Overall I believe this powersupply is certainly a winner, The voltages are reasonably stable, and the unit is designed with quality in mind. It provides alot of molex connectors and also gives the support for people using or wanting to upgrade to SATA hard drives.

    It stands by its "Lowest Acoustic" label and does a very good job of it too. With 460 watts of power its sure to provide even the hungriest of systems with stable voltages.

    I would have liked to see all the cables sleeved the same as the ATX and P4 cables, but this is only a minor point for people with windows in their cases.


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