Sakar 75052 4-Port USB Hub

Sakar 75052 4-Port USB Hub

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    USB is everywhere you look in the computer industry. USB, or Universal Serial Bus, as you may well know, is simply a modern-day interface between your motherboard and external peripherals. With the never-ending list of USB keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, joysticks, PDAs, digital cameras, media readers, and a plethora of other peripherals now commonly ship with USB being the preferred transfer interface., you can never have too many USB ports. While high-end/enthusiast motherboards usually have 4-8 ports on-board, Small Form Factor PCs and laptops are just out of luck. This is where Sakar chimes in to solve that problem.

    Before I get to the review, I would like to provide some background on Sakar.

    Sakar International Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of technology, toy, and consumer electronic products. It offers consumers a unique blend of high quality products at affordable prices. In addition, Sakar enjoys an industry wide reputation for servicing its trade retailers due to its state of the art operational systems.


    Contents, features and specifications can be found on Sakar's website.
    • Four Port USB Hub
    • USB Version 1.1 Protocols
    • 4' Connector Cord
    • Optional AC Adapter



    The Sakar (75052) 4-Port USB Hub comes packaged in "open once" packaging. This kind of packing may be annoying to some, yet it ensures a product that has not been tampered with. The device is showcased behind a white and blue background with product specifications.



    Included with the USB Hub is a USB-A to USB-B cable for "installing" the device. There is an optional power adapter if you plan on plugging in more power hungry devices, such as a external hard-drive or external CD-drive, yet it did not come with this package.


    The Sakar (75052) 4-Port USB Hub comes with one USB-A to USB-B cable and a big AC adaptor. Installation of the device is as simple as plugging in the cables to the appropriate ports, no drivers are necessary. The hub should be detected by any recent versions of Windows or Mac OS. It works just as you would expect it to. Plug in a USB-compliant device and Windows XP picks it up as if it was connected to the motherboard's ports.


    With the over-abundance of USB accessories on the market, you can never be without enough USB ports. The Sakar (75052) 4-Port USB Hub is small, very affordable and stylish as well. There is no reason not to buy one of these for your computer, be that a desktop or notebook PC. Just make sure you buy the optional power adaptor if you plan on hooking up power hungry devices.


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