Razer eXactMat

Razer eXactMat

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    Most of us are cheapskates when it comes to a mouse pad. We simply take the super-cheap cloth covered foam pads that the store kicks in for free. The traction is good for the most part, but they easily and quickly become dirty and disgusting. Option two of course is to buy a plastic surfaced mouse pad, but while these protect against spills, the surfaces are usually still glued to the same foam backing, and with use become overly smooth, with the foam rotting away at the same rate. Razer has come along with a unique design mouse pad design that will forever put you in shame for using the rotting cloth you called a mousepad.


    The history of Razer is one of the most chaotic stories of just about any company around. Since Razer’s startup in 1997, they have fought for survival in a very difficult market, competing against giant corporations such as Microsoft and Logitech. They’ve also had to survive natural disasters and the bankruptcy of their production partner. To find out more about Razer’s history, check out “Razer Story.”


    • Two-sided, longer-lasting Anodized Aluminum mousing surfaces
    • "SPEED" for high-sensitivity users
    • “CONTROL" side for low-sensitivity and professional design users
    • Over-sized and uniquely-shaped, 10.4" x 13" x 0.1" (265 x 330 mm x 2.5 mm)
    • Jet-black with Razer green logo
    • Non-slip, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant hard coat

    Packaging and Contents

    The packaging of the mouse pad is very handy and unexpected. It comes in a zippered carrying case. The case itself is made of neoprene (versatile synthetic rubber with 70 years of proven performance). As the mouse pad is constructed of solid aluminum this bag is very handy for transport. Though the mouse pad is relatively light, it could definitely scratch or even break one of your parts if it hit it the right way. Therefore the bag is able to prevent that while keeping your eXactMat in perfect condition.


    The eXactMat is extremely thin. The main component is an aluminum plate that’s about 1/16” thick, with the whole thing only being about 2.5mm at the thickest point. The pad is dual sided, one side for speed, and the other for control. Both sides clearly display the eXactMat logo, that is baked in to the surface, and the speed or control marking. The control side is a little more textured than the speed side. Located on each of the four corners of the surface, there are rubber feet to keep the eXactMat from sliding around.


    The speed side is specifically designed for high sensitivity performance (when the user would like to have the cursor travel the entire screen with only slight movement from the mouse). This allows for fast aiming with FPS (First Person Shooter) games. The control side is purposely designed for low sensitivity performance, for situations where accurate control of the cursor is vital. This is great for RPG and RTS games, as well as for imaging and other media creation software.



    All in all we've been very impressed with the Razer eXactMat. From the cool neoprene carrying case it ships in, to the double sided mousing surfaces, to the unique design, I'd have to say this is about as advanced as a mouse pad can get!

    So, with this in mind, and taking into account the superb packaging, design, performance, and economical cost of the Razer eXactMat, Velocity Reviews awards it the ISH Award!


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