OKGear Multi-Function Enclosure Terminator

OKGear Multi-Function Enclosure Terminator

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    External hard drive enclosures are quickly becoming a standard equipment for computer users and for good reason; they offer a relatively inexpensive way for people to alter an internal hard drive into a high-speed external drive. OKGear has come up with a clear acrylic external hard drive enclosure designed to be driverless, portable and provide fast connectivity.



    Contents, features and specifications can be found on OKGear’s website.

    • USB2.0 external interface for HDD/CD-R/DVD-R
    • HDD cover protect Hard Disk
    • Flex holder to stay HDD/CD-R/DVD-R
    • Tri-plug adapter *5pcs
    • USB2.0 cable will flash during data transmission

    Packaging and Contents

    The Terminator comes packaged in “open once“ packaging. This kind of packing may be annoying to some, yet it ensures a product that has not been tampered with. The front of the package has the product's name across the top along with a picture of the enclosure and a list of features. The back of the package has the installation guide and Package contents list.


    Included with the Terminator is an External adapter, PCI power set. 3.5" power set, HDD cover, HDD holder, USB cable (length : 1.0m), and Notebook " T " adapter kits.


    Installation of the Terminator is quite easy if you have a desktop pc, yet if you have a notebook you may be troubled. There is no instructions per say, on the pack of the packaging is three pictures showing what to do, yet it still leaves you quite puzzled.

    First screw your hard drive into the enclosure. Push the feet onto the base. Insert the 3.5” power plug into the IDE controller on the hard drive. Plug in the USB cable.


    Now, for the Desktop PC user, you have two choices from here. OKGear included a rear PCI slot power/USB adaptor and a 2.5” power/USB adaptor, install the most practical configuration that would fit you. Plug the USB in and the Power in and your ready to go. Window’s will automatically find and install the drive.

    For the Notebook user, you’re given 5 Tri-plug power adaptors. As an avid notebook user, I was glad to see that they included this, yet, I was unable to figure out how this was suppose to work with my notebook. OKGear really needs to include instructions on how this is to be installed.


    A Western Digital 5400rpm 60 Gig IDE hard drive was installed into the Terminator. In the SiSoft Sandra storage benchmark, the drive hooked up via USB 2.0 through the Terminator performed slower than when it was connected as a primary slave via IDE but this is to be expected.



    OKGear’s Multi-Function Enclosure Terminator worked perfectly on our desktop pc without a hitch. Yet we were completely confused on the notebook end. If you’re a desktop user, this is the way to go. Yet, stray away if you’re a notebook user.


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