Mutant Mods Fan Speed Controller

Mutant Mods Fan Speed Controller

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    Introduction's new Mutant Mods products are a recently established product line in the modding scenes. have been in the business of providing top-notch products for over 19 years! Mutant Mods has an ever growing line of products to control the appetite of all modders. Mutant Mods was kind enough to send us their Fan Speed Controller. Let's see how well it performs.



    The Mutant Mods' Fan Speed Controller comes packaged in a very attractive container with black and green designs that complements Mutant Mods website ( Mutant Mods has created a well-defined packaging for all of their products, that creates a distinguished product line.

    Setup and Installation

    Setup for the Mutant Mods' Fan Speed Controller is extremely effortless. Never has there been a fan controller so easy to install. Simply screw in the controller into a bay, connect your fans four pin plug into the controller and your done! No need to worry about pin converters for this product.



    The Fan Controller has three speeds to choose from. Low, Medium, High. There is also the option to turn them off. Each speed level has a 25% RPM difference. For each speed setting, there is a certain color led for each. This is a helpful feature as it quickly tells you at a glance what speed your fan is operating at.



    While I was testing the Mutant Mods' Fan Controller I noticed that it will not fit in a tower that has a door, which is a big problem as most cases these days have doors. Yet, this is the only con I found with this product.


    I truly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a foolproof way to control his or her fans. It is very simple to install and operate. Yet, if you have a door on your case, look for a different choice.


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