Mutant Mods 80mm Blue Quad LED Fan

Mutant Mods 80mm Blue Quad LED Fan

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    LED fans are a popular addition to computer cases lately, and every computer modding equipment manufacturer has their version of them. Today we take a look at Mutant Mods version of their LED fan called the Crystal Quad LED Fan.

    Before I get to the review, I would like to provide some background on Mutant Mods.

    Comdex Fall 2003 (Nov. 17, 2003), Las Vegas: introduced it's new line of PC products stamped "Mutant Mods". As's Product Manager Tarun Bhasin stated, "The market for mod products is exploding. Mod products are one of the fastest growing segments of the computer parts market and there was no one brand that offered a complete selection of quality products for consumers until Mutant Mods." Mutant Mods offers a line of mod products that vary from USB 2.0 Cables with LEDs to EL Wire Kits to LED Fans. Quoting an insert I recieved, "Mutant Mods is a complete line of computer parts and accessories that add a splash of originality and a dash of color to computer workspaces." In a statement Product Manager Tarun Bhasin sums up the Mutant Mods relation to consumers and also recognizes modders, "Mutant Mods will appeal to mainstream and power computer users, PC gamers, and hardcore modders. Consumers care about the appearance of their computer as much as performance and are not content to live with the boring beige and black PCs prevalent in the market today."


    Contents, features and specifications can be found on Mutant Mods website.
    • Dimensions: 3.15"x3.15"x0.98"(80x80x25mm)
    • Fan Type: Dual Ball Bearing
    • RPMs: 3,000
    • Voltage: 12v
    • CFM: 37.27
    • dB: <27
    • Connector: 3-Lead TX3



    The Mutant Mods' 80mm Blue Quad LED Fan comes packaged in a very attractive container with black and green designs that complements Mutant Mods website. Mutant Mods has created a well-defined packaging for all of their products, that creates a distinguished product line.



    Not much is provided with the 80mm Blue Quad LED Fan besides four fan screws. It would have been great if a fan grille and a three to four pin converter was included.



    Installation of the 80mm Quad Blue LED Fan is easier than ever, yet is no different than any other fan. Once turned on, the Quad LED fan looks amazing. The blue light emitted is a true blue, not a turquoise color like some often are.


    A fan is no longer just a fan. Neons/CCFL take up a power connector, draw more from the power supply, and in the case of neons produce heat, whereas the LED fans keep the system cooled, while producing light, and require no more power than a normal fan. Given enough time, or maybe just enough fans, LED fans may just replace the use of Neons/CCFLs; It wouldn't surprise me one bit. At 3,000 RPM, 27dB(A), and 37.27 CFM, Mutant Mods has a good product on hand, yet without the fan grille and a three to four pin connector, the steep price is just not worth it when others are available for half the price.


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