Logitech MX700 Cordless Mouse

Logitech MX700 Cordless Mouse

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    Cordless mice have only been used by a selective group of people in the past, which were looking for a way to have a clutter free desk. Those who where gamers or artists had to look elsewhere, into the land of corded mice. With Logitech’s MX700, there is no need to look any longer for the perfect solution.



    The first impression I made of the MX700 when I saw the package was that it was hefty. Yet, as I opened the package and contents, I realized why the large package was necessary. The package holds an AC/DC adaptor, a combined RF receiver and charger cradle, the mouse itself, rechargeable batteries, a USB to PS/2 adaptor, software and finally the manual. The mouse is covered in a plastic bag and a plastic casing to keep it from being scratched and/or dented. Logitech did quality work packaging the MX700.

    Setup and Installation

    Setup for the MX700 is easy and fast. Simply plug the base station into either the USB port on your computer system or the PS2 port by the use of an included adaptor. Next you need to simply insert the two included rechargeable AA 1700 mAh Ni-MH batteries into the mouse. Now just put the mouse in the cradle and let the mouse charge. Now put the MouseWare CD into your CD drive. MouseWare let’s you change what buttons do which, to make it customized just for you.



    The MX700 is the most technically advanced mouse to this date. The optical eye, or the MX Engine as Logitech calls it, operates at a resolution of 800 DPI, which is twice the amount of the now standard IntelliMouse Explorer Uses. The sampling rate of the MX700 is 200 Hz and corresponds to an image processing power of 4.7 mega pixels per second.

    Logitech thought of a nice feature for the MX700, the mouse responds at two different frequencies for communicating with the cradle. This means if you happen to have two MX700’s in the same room, you don’t need to worry about misinterpreted signals from the other mouse.

    The MX700 has an abundant amount of buttons incorporated into the mouse. The mouse features the standard two clickers, a scroll wheel on the top, along with three extra buttons for scrolling and task switching. It’s also equipped with “back” and “forward” thumb buttons for web surfing. The two buttons on either side of the scroll wheel are new features never added on a mouse, “cruise control“. They are simply just new ways of scrolling with out moving the scroll wheel.

    Cradle/RF Transceiver

    It’s been a long time, but wireless technology is finally becoming more practical for the desktop user. RF transceivers with the convenience of a cradle charger make the MX700 a two thumbs-up input device. No more need to keep a pack of batteries in a desk drawer, just put the mouse on the cradle when your done and your mouse will charge. The mouse has an led that shows you the battery level of the mouse so you don’t need to worry about how much battery life is left in your batteries. Green= fully load; flashing green= batteries are recharging; red=empty. Windows will also notify you when the batteries are low by popping up a little discrete window above your task bar. The battery life will last roughly for 12 hours under standard usage of the mouse.



    Logitech has created an excellent product if you truly desire great performance with cordless freedom in games and other tasks. Logitech has created a well designed mouse both aesthetically and mechanically. Logitech’s MX700 is by far the finest cordless mouse to date.


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