Logisys Red CCFL

Logisys Red CCFL

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    Today we are looking at Logisys’ Red CCFL. Red CCFLs often times produce moans and groans, when you see pink or orange light. Logisys feel’s they’ve corrected this problem and have created a True Red CCFL. Let’s take a closer look.


    • Tube diameter: 3.0mm
    • Tube length: 300mm/100mm
    • Input voltage of inverter: 12v
    • Output voltage of inverter: 680v
    • Current draw: 5.0m
    • Av Brightness: 28,000~30,000
    • Lifetime: 30,000 hours
    Packaging and Contents
    Logisys’ packs the red CCFL in the typical packaging; clear box with twist-tie holding everything tightly together. The CCFL comes with the typical bundle. It includes a bag of velcro straps and a screw, a rear PCI bracket switch, a dual 12V inverter and the CCFL itself.


    To install the CCFL, simply connect the plug into the inverter, and lug in the 4-pin molex connector into the power supply. Now attach the velcro pads to the inverter and the feet of the CCFL, and mount it in a concealed location. Lastly, install the switch into a PCI slot.


    Color & Brightness

    Sadly, Logisys Red CCFL is not truly a Red CCFL, it is an orange CCFL. Yet, the brightness of the CCFL is remarkable. After comparing this to a similar red CCFL, the Logisys CCFL was vastly brighter.


    Logisys Red CCFL is a remarkably bright CCFL, yet, it is not truly red. If you are not concerned by the off-color and you are looking for a cheap way to brighten up your case, this is surely the CCFL to buy.


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