InfinityXPDPlatinum LE

InfinityXPDPlatinum LE

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    When Rick from Cyberwizardpit finished customising me a copy of InfinityXPDPlatinum LE I could not wait to review it as this is my first review for Hardware HQ!

    I have used various programs in the past that claim to speed up internet browsing and downloading but sadly most of these products have never done anything except install lots of spyware on my PC or just plain not work.


    Installation was fairly simple. It was just a matter of downloading an extremely small file (144KB to be exact) and doing the simple process of going through the setup.



    In order to test the software correctly I closed all un-necessary programs like Outlook, virus scanner etc. This allows me to get accurate results, as Outlook would not be checking my email for example. Once all programs had been closed I downloaded the Cumulative Patch for Windows Media Player (Found in our downloads section).

    Downloading Test:


    InfinityXPDPlatinum LE

    Yeah you are probably saying to yourself what kind of connection is that? Yep that's right its an old 56k Modem.


    InfinityXPDPlatinum LE


    Now that looks good 2.87KB/Sec before and 5.94KB/Sec after. Now lets try a web surfing test.

    Web surfing Test:



    Now it gets better! I can also browse the internet faster and you can actually notice the difference!


    The tests definitely prove that InfinityXPDPlatinum LE from Cyberwizardpit is a great product and speeds up internet browsing and downloading. I would recommend this product to anyone who constantly complains about the speed of there connection. This product gains the Hardware HQ Seal of approval.

    • Speeds up connection
    • Has an uninstall utility (You wont need it though)
    • Extremely easy to install
    • None!


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