How to Stealth a Drive

How to Stealth a Drive

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    You've modded everything in and out of your computer, yet there is still something that is sticking out like a sore thumb, those drives. This guide will show you a very simple and easy way to stealth your drives and make them completely blend in with your case, yet perfectly usable!

    WARNING: is NOT responsible for any damages inflicted upon yourself and/or your equipment!! Please take care when attempting this modification.

    Step 1: Equipment required:

    1 CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive
    1 Computer case faceplate thingy
    1 Dremel Tool w/
    1 Cut-Off Wheel
    1 Sanding Thingy
    Some Velcro
    1 Flat Head screwdriver
    1 (or more) Patience


    ** Note most of the stuff can be purchased from the local hardware and the local computer retail store **
    Step 2: Remove the drive faceplate


    Look at it, you should see a little hole (emergency eject).


    Jam a paper clip or something similar straight into the hole until the drive opens.


    Pull out the tray until it won't move any more. Next we see how the drive faceplate is connected to the rest of the drive. Usually it's four tab type things.


    I found it easy to push the top one in pull the faceplate a little then do the sides, then do the bottom. What ever, the faceplate is off the drive.


    Look at the little cover at the end of the tray, and see if you can remove it, on my lite-on drive all I had to do was flip the drive over with the tray going away from me, push forward on the cover thingy and then push down towards the ground and it came off.


    The cover should now be off.

    Step 3: Stealthing


    Take a look at your case faceplate, it's got those little tab thingys.


    Cut them the hell off with your dremel and cut-off wheel, use speed setting 2 or 2.5 on the variable speed dremel, that's like slow to medium, or 2/5 of full speed. You get this.


    Next, mount your dremel in a vise, (I use a flextool attachment thingy) you can put dremels in vises, just don't clamp down to much.


    Take your faceplate and look at it from the back, see that inside edge. That's preventing your faceplate from being flush with your drive. Sand the edges down. Take about half of it off on all sides until get something like this.


    Position the faceplateless drive in your case,temporarily put the face plate on,and move the drive back or forward to get it almost flush, then screw the drive down so it won't move and get out your Velcro. Put a small strip on where the door used to be.


    Position the other Velcro strip on that Velcro strip like so.


    I used a strip cut in half lengthwise on the drive, but used a full size one on the faceplate, so I always had 100% Velcro coverage with the drive. Peel off the sticky junk protection film and carefully position your faceplate on your drive. Your almost done. Now after your sure it's stuck on there good, pull the faceplate back off.


    You need to be able to push that little button so it can eject, however we can't really do that with our current design, take some tape and layer it over where the button would be, A LOT!


    When you have enough tape on there, and can click the button your basically done, put the faceplate back on the drive, and there you go.