How to mod a PSU

How to mod a PSU

  1. VelocityReviews
    Well this is my first mod and its not the best mod but it gives you something to do until the window part, yes that's right how to add a window to your PSU!

    WARNING: is NOT responsible for any damages inflicted upon yourself and/or your equipment!! Please take care when attempting this modification.
    Equipment required:

    • Led/Normal Fan (8cm)
    • a pair of pliers
    • a PSU, not a good one, but it needs to actually run another fan
    • a screw driver, medium sized (as in photos)
    • 5-10cm piece of wire

    ** Note most of the stuff can be purchased from the local hardware and the local computer retail store **
    Step 1: The right fan???


    Dimensions: 80x80x25
    Voltage: Recommend 12v
    Fan Speed: 2500+/-10% RPM
    Air Flow: 29CFM
    Connector: 4 pin or 2pin(common motherboard plug)
    Noise: 24dBa
    Step 2: Removing the lid
    Ok before you continue make sure that the POWER is not connected or I am not going to say anymore.
    Ok after that we get a screw driver, and unscrew the screws like this


    ** Make sure you don't cut yourself on the sharp metal **
    You may see a old POS fan inside the box be warned that goes bye bye soon.
    Step 3: Removing the old POS fan
    You just go to the back of the box where the grill and fan are screwed on and unscrew them.

    If your going to keep the grill, you can clean it and place it elsewhere for the moment.
    Check out this super sweet grill of mine.

    You need to unplug the fan from the PSU. Follow the cable that powers the fan and unplug the plug on the other end. this should give you full rights to remove it.

    Note – Some PSU fans are not attached by plugs and instead the wires are soldered straight to the PCB, if this is the case you will have to cut the cables connecting the fan and tape them up safely out of the way using electrical tape.
    Now just sit the old fan elsewhere and put it away later.

    Step 4: Placing the new fan in

    Ok now its as simple and pulling it out, b
    ut there's a few catches, first of all sit the fan in, but remember the Fan must blow outwards. As shown below.

    Then you can place your grill back on and screw it up with the screws that either came with the fan (no why would we want to disturb the loving packaging : ) ) or use the ones from the old fan.

    ** Note you can replace the grill with one that will fit the PSU and will not affect airflow considering that it would create large amounts of heat **

    Now for the second catch, power for the fan???

    Yes well maybe we should cut the wires up but then again some people don't like that, like me but if you want to use the inside power plug then do so (if u have that 2pin fan then plug it right into the plug inside the power supply)
    Well anyways for the 4 Pin Molex plugs you could have a slit in the back of the PSU were the other cables come out.

    If this is not so, your problem not in such a good position but you have to think of a way to place the wire through the box.

    ** Note some power supplies are different they may have there 4 pin Molex plug inside if so use that **

    ** Warning when replacing the cover be careful of the metal

    If you wish u can use a few cable ties and tie the fan cable along a Molex cable and plug it in.

    Step 5: Testing 1... 2... 3...

    ** Note this step is the step that may harm you or your equipment **

    As the cover should be already screwed back on now we down to testing the supply and seeing if the fan works, and looking at a nice little 240v 20 or so watt fan.

    If you wish to skip this part and use a motherboard and case for the powering up, i suggest you don't as the power supply could harm you motherboard or components.

    Take the 5-10cm piece of wire and the pair of pliers. We are going to fake a power connection.

    With a piece of wire.


    A Bit like a face


    Take the piece of wire and cut the insulation off each end of the wire.
    It should look like...

    Now we take the ATX power connector and place one of the ends of the wire into the Green wire on the plug. Then you place the other in the black wire which should be right next to it.

    Like this...

    Before we power up the PSU we must plug the fan in. Take the fan cable and and look at the Molex Female plug.
    If it looks like this or the plug doesn't go in properly, fix the Pin...



    Now the fun part, we plug the power cable in and it either turns on or u flick the switch, if this doesn't happen check that the power cable has power coming from it (that helps so so so much).

    Now to show you what it looks like (Note I opened the case), theres light and no light...

    And that's it you have a nice PSU with a LED fan, I don't suggest that you put a CC in the PSU but if u can fit it tell me how it works out.

    After we have made our Power Supply look nice, we have to show that off. Now I suppose you could leave the cover off, but that doesn't do wonders for the airflow now does it? so we are going to add a window to our little power supply.

    Equipment required:

    • Previous Power Supply/ New Cheap one
    • Various Tools, (Screw Drivers, Pliers, etc.)
    • A Large enough sized Piece of Acrylic/Plexi Glass (Depends on your design)
    • Some Bolts or High Adhesive Glue
    • Dremel/ Rotary Tool with a Metal Cutting Piece
    • Drill and Sized bits for the bolts.
    ** Note most of the stuff can be purchased from the local hardware and the local computer retail store **

    Step 1: Lets get the Lid off

    Make sure the power is not connected. then unscrew each of the screws.


    Then take the Lid off.


    In this mod we will be adding the window too the Lid.

    Step 2: Drawing up the Design

    Drawing a design onto the Piece doesn't mean u HAVE to follow it, its just a guide line, you might end up wanting something different. I stuck to a Square with curves but later I decided to go for a Straight Square with a Bigger area.
    Do take into consideration in your design that the fan is not in the way of your Design.

    Step 3: Cutting it out

    This part is where you need the dremel and the cutting disc. You will need experience with a dremel before you go into cutting line and shapes. Like myself I am not a pro dremel user so i stuck with a simple design.

    After Cutting it out we have to file the edges so there's not sharp parts.


    Step 4: Mounting the Plastic Window

    This part is fairly straight forward and should require but no images and is based off your design.
    Make Sure you have Clamped down the plastic with the Lid and then drill, this makes it a lot easier to get the right positions.
    • Align the plastic up with the metal, take into consideration the fan.
    • Make sure you Plastic is cut to shape
    • Drill holes though plastic and metal for bolts.
    • Place the Bolts through and tighten them with pliers
    • Cut the ends off for a clean look
    Step 5: Finishing up.

    This is where all the pain staking parts pay off and you get to see a finished product.

    Screw everything back up and make sure nothing it touching internal components of the power supply.



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