How to make an in case iPOD holder

How to make an in case iPOD holder

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    You're a modder, you've modified every component of your computer, from stealthing, windows, lights and god know what else. Yet, you are still using the default iPOD base? Come on in for a unique way to store your iPOD.

    WARNING: is NOT responsible for any damages inflicted upon yourself and/or your equipment!! Please take care when attempting this modification.

    What you need

    -Bay cover from the computer in which you are putting it in
    -Handle that you can screw on (I got mine at Target)
    -Scrap of plexi glass (can usually be bought at local hardware store for about 25 cents)
    -Casing of old CD drive
    -Some foam of any kind (I find some kinds better then others, I will discuss that later)
    -Spray paint (Optional)

    -X-Acto Knife
    -Hot glue gun
    -Plastic Epoxy (or just any old epoxy)

    Now about the foam. I recommend the kind that looks kind of like it has bubbles in it. I find this will give you the cleanest and crispest cut. However if you have a good way of cutting it like a large X-Acto knife or etching laser of some kind. Then it may work out to use more like average foam. This can be bought at any fabric store. However you can get it from packaging or anything really, the stuff I use came from an air conditioner box.

    On another note, the "Casing from old CD drive" I used it as guide for the size of thing but you don’t have to. You can measure it out, but I found using the CD drive was much easier.


    First get your CD drive and plexi glass. Line the plexi glass up against the inside of the CD drive, so that you can get the proper length don’t worry about height of the plexi for now. This is what the plexi glass I was using looked like, before I cut it.

    Like I said don’t even worry about the height for now, measure the side lengths, then score and snap to make the side lengths perfect. If you don’t know how to cut and score it is pretty simple, you just use a ruler to make a line as to where you want to cut the plexi, then run the X-Acto knife over the line and against the ruler a whole bunch of times until there is a fairly deep impression. Then remove the ruler and place the line on the edge of the table and push down. It should snap and give you a clean cut.

    Do that to all the sides till its perfect and they all fit in. Now although this doesn’t sound hard this part takes the longest of the entire mod.

    Next you have to make it so that the height is right. Now because it is so thin it is extremely hard to snap and score (score and snap whatever). So I used the Dremel, but because plexi is soft and the Dremel is a little bit hectic in it, I used the ruler to guide it. This part also took a long time. You get the idea I don’t think a picture is required.


    So the next step is to glue it all together. Be sure to take off the protective coasting before doing this. Put glue on the edge of each piece and then put the together, I used the plastic epoxy and hot glue to do this, you can use either.


    Now once you get them all together. You should get something like the picture above.

    It looks good, but you still need a bottom. To do that you simply trace out full structure on a piece of plexi and cut. It isn’t too hard. After that apply glue to the bottom side of the walls, and then place that on top of the bottom piece that you cut.

    It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of glue in the bottom because nobody will ever see it, I put a bead all the way around mine for added support, it doesn’t look great but one side has paint and the other side has foam so it doesn’t really matter.

    So now that the full thing is done, it is time to get that foam cut. First trace the holder onto the foam, just like you did for the base of holder. Now the big discrepancy is if you have foam that is just thick enough to fill the whole thing then you won’t need multiple layers. The foam I used needed 4 layers to work, It is much easier if you use layers of foam because then you can individually cut them which makes it easier to run the cable. For the layers of foam the first two are just the size of the holder.


    However, you’ll cut 4 pieces of foam to the exact same size, in total. The 3rd layer of foam will be the shape of the iPOD plus the canal for the cord to run through. You trace the iPOD onto it and then use your X-Acto knife to cut.


    Now you have to cut the canal, just make it straight back you can use the cord to measure but make it a little bit bigger. Just to ease the getting it through part. When you put the 3rd layer in, it should look like this.

    Now for the final layer of foam, just trace the iPOD and cut, So that it covers up the cord when added in it should look like this.

    Now you can take out all of the foam, and then put it back in piece by piece. This time though you have to glue the pieces together. I used hot glue, but really any kind of glue will work. Once every piece is glued together. You have to mark where it is you made the whole for the cord in the foam, and then mark that on the plexi. Now you can take out the foam. Now use the Dremel, to cut the whole for the cord in the back. Now put the cord through to test it out. If it doesn’t fit make adjustments. Now put the foam back in and test it out.

    If you want to paint this would be the time be sure to take out the foam first, as most paints will eat away at the foam.
    Now you are at the home stretch but you still need the cover and the handle.

    In some cases you may have to trim the side of the bay cover. This isn’t very hard but for a detailed view you can look at our Drive Stealthing Guide.

    First we will do the handle. It isn’t very hard to do the handle just measure it out, and then drill the holes. Test it out to make sure holes are the right size and test out the handle. Now unscrew the handle.


    For the final part you have to put the front on I used the epoxy to do this part because you want a very strong hold. Now as for the handle after you have glued on the drive cover without the handle. Go through those holes again with the drill but also go through the plexi this time. Then put in those screws this will give you a very strong hold to make sure that front never comes off.

    After this, mine looked like this.


    With all the foam in it, and back in the case it look like this.

    And when it was all closed up.


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