How NOT to mod a case

How NOT to mod a case

  1. VelocityReviews
    The following article is a collective look on how to mod a case, or how NOT to. The PC used was a P200 kindly donated by some guy we know, which was, as you can/will see, was put to good use.

    WARNING: is NOT responsible for any damages inflicted upon yourself and/or your equipment!! ONLY do this with a old computer you DO NOT WANT!!!


    Ooh looky! How pretty. It even tells me what drive is what! I never would have guessed.


    This is the innards of the PC, with a slightly over-exaggerated cooling solution. 120mm fan cooling a CPU running at 200mhz. I love overkill. (Please note dodgy cable ties and fan resting on soundcard. You will be tested on this.)
    As this PC has not been used for quite some time, lacks a HDD, CDROM and RAM, and is of no use to anyone except for a rather metallic doorstop, we decided that some fun was in order.


    ¾ view of the box. Note the disembodied hand. We have spiritual help!


    "Who wants some?"


    The following tools were used in the creation of this picture: A sledgehammer, a mattock, and teenage angst.


    Post traumatisation.


    After the top of the case was stomped on with the sledgehammer, we created this nice concertina effect. Your PC may now resemble an accordion, but will not function as such.


    After smashingness.

    The following pictures are of a game of hammer throw, or in this case, PC throw.
    Note! See the gloves? That’s right. We’re safety conscious.


    And no it’s not photoshopped. If you really want to see a case in the air, come over and I’ll throw one around for you. Christ you people are demanding.


    Whoo! Case is well and truly off the right side of the photo.



    Ooh looky! How pretty. It even tells me what drive is what! I never would have guessed. (Again.)