Hiper Type-R Modular Blue Line 580W PSU

Hiper Type-R Modular Blue Line 580W PSU

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    First it was Dual Channel Ram, then Dual Core CPU's and now Dual 12v Rail PSU. Now just add this with a unique modular cabling system, beautiful glossy titanium finish, and EZGrip connectors, may just give Hiper one of the ultimate power supplies available on the market.


    Before I get to the review, I would like to provide some background on Hiper. "High Performance Group" was founded with the passion of providing the computer users & customers the best innovative products & services. The company's untraditional approach from its patented design to its business conducts gains itself partnership with many respectable firms including AMD. Always committed to excellence, High Performance Group strives to be the best in every aspect."


    Contents, features and specifications can be found on Hiper's website.


    • Unique user friendly modular design to reduce excess cables.
    • Patented design device extension cables.
    • Supports ATX up to v2.2 & Intel BTX configuration.
    • Complies with all Intel & AMD CPU specification requirement.
    • Gold Plated connector, preventing rust & bad connection.
    • High efficiency APFC (Active Power Factor Correction).
    • Connects up to 4 SATA HDD + 8 other component devices.
    • Dedicated PCI-E connector.
    • EZ-Grip Molex connector.

    Power Train

    • 580Watt continuous output. (Peak Load 630 watts)
    • Newest ATX 2.2 with 2 x 12V connection


    • Full 1.0 mm Japanese Steel
    • Complete Mesh Body
    • High Gloss Titanium Coating

    Cooling System

    • Active Thermal Controlled Circuitry.
    • 120 mm Long Life Chromed Blade Fan with LED.
    • 80 Long Life Chromed Blade Fan with LED
    • Power-Off Component Protection design.

    Power Delivery
    • Aviation Type heavy duty Enamel Modular Connector (Patent Pending)
    • exTension Device Connection Cable(Patented Design)
    • UL/CE/TUV Grade Cables
    • Gold Plated Connector Pins.
    • Braided Power Cables.
    • EZ o*n/Off Connectors.
    • Serial ATA Connector.

    Stability System
    • Active Power Factor Correction.

    Electrical Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection Circuitry.
    • Over Current Protection Circuitry.
    • Short Circuit Protection Circuitry.

    Packaging and Contents


    Packaging is usually very boring, and thrown away once opened. Hiper has changed this view completely by creating toolbox style container. The packaging would work well as a quick-fix toolkit, a home for a rotary tool, or even a lunchbox to drag with you to a LAN party. By making the packaging useful, Hiper actually gets some free advertising as you carry it around.

    When you open up the toolbox style container, you are greeted first by a tray with a few compartments and a few cables. Once you lift up the tray, you'll find a thick manuel, more cables, and the PSU gently placed between foam to keep it in pristine condition.


    To continue, Hiper includes a load of cables, since the power supply unit is based on a modular design. There should be enough cables here for everyone to be satisfied. All of it is sleeved very carefully, and both zip ties and heat-shrink secure it. The ATX power is 24 pin with the break-away 4 pin to adapt it to 20 pin motherboards. Unfortunately the ATX connector only extends 16 inches so if you are running a large case or a cube you will want to either measure carefully first or purchase an ATX extender. The PSU also comes with a 4 pin 12V and a 6 pin PCI-E connector, the second PCI-E is an adaptor that converts from 2 x 4-pin Molex connector,a pair of SATA power connectors that can each handle two drives, another 6 pin extension, a 4 pin floppy adapter, and four 4 pin Molex extension that each feature a pass-through connection. There are four 4 pin Molex cables that run directly from the PSU and they wisely made each one a different length from 22 inches down to 11 inches so you can power up a device without having to worry about hiding a lot of excess. Each one of these four cables feature an easy-grip Molex to save you from having busted knuckles.


    With most modular power supplies, the cables just push into a connector and have a chance of being bumped or tugged out, reeking havoc on your system and your mind. Hiper has an innovative solution, which Hiper calls OMNIGRID, by using round aviator style connectors which push into the front of the PSU in their respective ports and can be securely screwed into place. To ensure you don't get mixed up with the cables, each port has a different amounts of pins; four for your standard Molex pins, three for the PCIe and two for the P4.


    The unit itself is painted in a stunning blue paint that is higly reflective, which sadly also means it has a high risk for finger prints. The unit is fairly light, due to its construction of mesh sides, and use of Japenese steel, which is apparently lighter than everyone else’s steel. At the bottom of the unit there is a 120mm intake fan and there is a 80mm exhaust fan at the rear of the unit. Both fans are have silver blades and feature blue LED lighting. At the rear of the unit there is also an on/off switch which has a red LED as well.

    Click image for a larger view​

    Above is a picture of the Type-R, jumpstarted to give you a peek at how this beautiful this unit is when lit up. The whole unit glows from the mesh body. There are also a couple of things that pictures simply can’t show that I’d like to mention. This is a quiet unit, which is always a good thing, but with 580W of power I had expected a higher fan speed to keep the unit cool. Hiper marked the PSU as inaudible, but I do not have any sound measuring equipmet, so I can’t give you exact figures. Yet, I can tell you that I had to put my ear right on top of the unit to hear any audible noise. The other thing that the pictures do not show is that the rear fan is on a relay, so that when the unit is powered down the rear fan stays on for a few minutes to properly cool the interior. This is a feature I've never come in contact with before, so I'm not sure how useful this feature really is.


    Opening up the power supply can usually speak the most for the quality of a power supply. The heatsink is slightly on the small side, a reason why the price on the unit is so reasonable, yet, this is not much of an issue, because you must remember there is a 120mm fan blowing directly onto the unit here. There is also mesh sides and a 80 exhaust keeping the unit cool. The wires leading to the power modules are neatly wrapped and the connectors themselves are mounted quite sturdily.


    The 120mm intake fan is a clear fan with silver painted blades made by Power Cooler and is rated at a top end of 1500 RPM while pushing 59.12 CFM at a dBA level of 29.58. The 80mm exhaust fan is the same as the 120mm and spins up to 2500 RPM while pushing 24.47 CFM at a dBA level of 28.8. The Blue Label has 4 blue LED's on both fans. Notice that both 120mm and 80mm have a very low dBA rating but the 120mm moves twice as much air into the PSU than the 80mm can exhaust.


    Notice on the power specifications that there are two separate +12V lines. This is a nice feature that helps ensure you get clean power to your motherboard without worrying about other devices and peripherals taking any power.

    Test Setup: AMD 2500+ Barton, ABIT NF7-S2G, 2x512mb Corsair XMS 3200XL Pro, BFG 6600GT OC AGP Graphics, 1x Seagate 120GB HD, 2x LiteOn 16x DVD Writer, 1x Floppy Drive. Other power using devices: 2x 80mm Fans (via Enermax fan controller), 2x CCFL’s via dual inverter, USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Printer.

    Please note that any software used for measuring internal devices will always be off, and each time there will be a significant difference. That is why we used a multi-meter for exact readings as well.




    The unit was well within tolerance and the voltages didn't change a bit after running for 30 minutes. I wish I would have been able to test the temperatures of the unit, yet at the time I did not have a device for measuring this.


    Click image for a larger view​

    The Hiper Typer-R Modular Blue Line 580W Power Supply is an amazingly feature packed unit that excelss many of the more expensive and lower powered brands out there. It is great to see dual 12v rails to split the load, as wattage is not a main concern for stable systems. Yet, Hiper has wattage covered as well, with 580 watts if power (630 watts peak).

    The unit is quiet; both the 80mm exhaust and 120mm chrome bladed fans barely make more noise than a hard drive. The main body is constructed from Steel and not Aluminium, but it is Japanese Steel, and with its lightweight nature and reflective, polished titanium gloss coating, I dare anyone to tell the difference at a glance.

    Next feature is the unique modular design. While others on the market simply attach the cables to the PSU itself, Hiper gives you a cool aviator style plug, that will never get accidently pulled out. All of the modular cables are sleeved as well. This is not a new or unique feature, but it is greatly appreciated, as there are many companies out there that have not caught onto this feature. The same goes for having EZGrip Molex connectors as well. Even the box the unit comes in is a cut above the rest, with Hiper supplying the Type-R Modular 580W PSU in a plastic utility box, which can be used for many purposes.

    There is support for various form factors and revisions in use currently, including BTX, although you will still need an adaptor for EPS12V 8 pin connectors. We also have a a singular PCIe plug, and a second PCIe plug that adapts from a molex connection to support two PCIe plugs for SLI support.

    But appearance is not the only factor in a product, you wouldn't be caught buying a polished titanium gloss coated carrot would you? During our testing, the multi-meter found the numbers to be on par or better, and the variations in voltage during use were very small and well within the 5% range of ATX specifications during a high heat load.

    The only cons the unit has going for it is that it only one PCIe, so it is not SLI ready, and there is a P4 cable, so it is not EPS12V/ ‘P8’ ready. These are so slight of issues, all the features and price of this unit make up for it, giving the Hiper Type-R Modular Blue Line 580W PSU, a perfect 10 out of 10, and the ISH award.


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