GearGrip CRT

GearGrip CRT

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    When you are an avid LAN party attendee, you often see people with carry straps for their systems, yet no one offers the same ability of easy movement with your CRT monitor. Well, CaseAce has the solution to that problem with the GearGrip CRT.


    The GearGrip CRT comes packaged in a plastic bag with a header at the top. The header resembles CaseAce's pleasing website design. The GearGrip is folded ever so nicely in the bag into a "V" shape.

    Setup and Installation

    Setup for the GearGrip CRT is effortless, yet instructions are included. Simply put the circle of the strap around the foot of your monitor, lift the straps up to the top of the monitor, snap the buckle together and tighten the strap. You're ready to roll.

    The GearGrip CRT fits any CRT monitor up to 21".


    The GearGrip CRT includes a handy strap to keep your monitor cables securely out of your way when you are carrying it. This is a very hand feature. One thing I expected as a feature of this product is something to cover your monitor screen with to prevent scratching, yet, CaseAce had not forgotten about that entirely. CaseAce offers a Gear Grip Shield, yet it is an additional $12.99.


    While using the GearGrip CRT on flat ground was perfect, when using it to transport monitors up and down flights of stairs, I encountered a little problem. Weight distribution is a problem for the GearGrip CRT. Yet, this problem is simply fixed by every so often tightening the straps.



    Overall, this is a much-needed product for anyone transporting his or her monitor around frequently, and the most common example would be the LAN party attendee. CaseAce has created an excellent and well designed product that I would recommend to anyone.


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