Fatal1ty Fat Pad

Fatal1ty Fat Pad

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    Today we've got a different angle on mousing in review; Auravision's Fatal1ty pad. This pad is Johnathan "fatal1ty" Wendel's choice in gaming, as it comes with his own personal logo. Can a cloth pad help you take him on? Read on to find out more.



    Contents, features and specifications can be found on Fatal1ty Store website.

    • Over-sized 14" x 17" x 5/32”
    • Cloth surface

    Packaging and Contents


    As the pad was shipped from the US, I'm not sure if there is any retail packaging available for this. The product's website doesn't have any form of image regarding packaging, and so far I've been unable to find any form of retail package. One can only assume that all orders are filled via postpak.



    The size! This thing is enormous. At 14" x 17" (35 x 43cm), it takes up a rather large portion of your desk real estate. If you're thinking about buying this, have a quick look at your desk, and see if you can move stuff to accomodate this. Below is a photo of a Logitech MX700 on the pad so you can get an idea of the size.



    The texture of the mousepad is quite nice. As this is a cloth pad, one would assume that it would come with what seems to be a generic material for all those $1 foam pads you see being flogged off at small computer shops. Rest assured that the material used in this is of a much higher quality, and feels good to the touch. The rubber used on the base is also of a high quality, and sticks convincingly to almost all surfaces.

    Transport for this pad to places such as LAN parties will be a breeze; just fold it in half and stick it in a bag. The flexible nature of this pad allows for much more convenience, as it can be tucked into smaller spaces in your LAN bag.


    At first the pad felt a little slow, with some resistance, but that's because I've been using a plastic pad, that seems to have smoothed out from use. After half an hour's playing, I noticed a slight increase in accuracy during Quake 3 OSP matches, due to the fact that the mouse wasn't sliding any extra. Where I let go of the mouse is where the cursor stopped. (This may vary for you, dependant on the weight of your mouse. If your mouse tends to "float", then you may notice some small slide still.)


    Even for such a basic mousepad, I feel that the Auravision Fatal1ty Fatpad is a damn fine pad, but some slight details, such as lack of packaging, hold this back from greatness. With greater retail coverage, this pad could go places, and I still recommend this to anyone who's looking for a new mousepad.


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