Evercool Shark CPU Cooler

Evercool Shark CPU Cooler

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    Today Evercool has sent us a sample of their Sharks CPU Cooler. If you haven’t heard of Evercool you must be living under a rock or something. Evercool competes with high-end, silent coolers and devices which aid cooling. Evercool was established in 1992, now with over 1,200 employees’ they are competing in the ever changing computer cooling market.


    Although packaging may sell the product, its not the key thing. People would like performance. But otherwise Evercool has put some work into a well packed box for a cooler this size.



    DC Fan Size :
    80 x 80 x 15 mm
    Base Material :
    Heat pipe
    Bearing Type :
    Ever Lubricate bearing (Long Life bearing)
    Speed :
    2000 ~ 3500 RPM
    Noise Level :
    18 ~ 28 dBA
    Max Air flow :
    23.4 ~ 41 CFM
    Weight :
    459.5 g

    Just looking at those specifications we can see its going to perform quite well. I might also point out this cooler is 459.5grams!


    The cooler will fit on all the AMD K8 CPU’s if they have the standard K8 Retention module; this includes the Opteron/Athlon X2/Athlon FX/Athlon 64/Sempron. The CPU cooler is also able to be mounted to the Intel LGA775 with the included bracket.

    What’s In The Box
    • The Sharks Cooler
    • Manual
    • Thermal Paste (Evercool’s thermal paste, 1 serving)
    • K8 Bracket and Screws
    • LGA775 Brackets and Spring Screws

    The Sharks

    The Sharks is one of those tower coolers, though this doesn’t mean it weighs over 1kg, it just means the heat pipes are in “U” shapes there are 4 points where the heat pipes join with the sink. Mainly in the center of each side of the two sections, this also gives the cooler strength to stand upright without falling into bits. The heat pipes are also a joint at the main copper block which is where the CPU joins with the cooler.



    The fan on the Sharks is quite odd because it is smaller in thickness than a normal 80mm fan. Evercool has also linked the Silent/Overclock switch so it doesn’t change the voltage of the LED’s in the fan which is great for all the people who want more red colouring in their case.

    The cooler on is own looks great, with the red coming from the center and the size really makes it more seen in the dark, because of the intensity of the LED’s from the fan.



    Installing the Sharks onto a AMD K8 System is real easy, first you remove the fan and the top cover. Then you screw the K8 Bracket to the cooler and you’re ready to mount, make sure you apply the thermal paste too.

    Test Setup

    To test this cooler I will be running it on the above test setup, with the Overclock switch on.
    • Ambient Temperature at 17°C
    • Setup was out of case
    • CPU Core was rated at 67 Watts (According to www.amdboard.com)
    • SiSoftware Sandra was used to load the CPU
    • The tests were done, 40 minutes Load, 40 minutes Idle
    • All Fans at highest Speed.


    To work out how effective this cooler will be with your CPU, get the wattage rating for your CPU (for AMD's www.amdboard.com) the “wattage * °C/W = CPU temp - Ambient Temp”
    * User many experience Differences between °C/W and real life *


    This is one great cooler, reaching the 20°C cooling point with its size and fan is amazing, although it does have help from the heat pipes. The cooler is mainly Aluminum and as we all know its not as good as copper for conductivity. The Sharks was made is for the in between people, who don’t Overclock, but like low temperatures, like myself. Though this cooler could easily sit in the Modders market or the Overclockers market its still one hell of a good cooler.

    In cars there’s the factor, power to weight, it goes the same here but in cooling terms more weight/size can easily make a better cooler. But when you’re looking for a cooler that won’t break the budget and you can actually mount it on your computer without the fear of breaking your motherboard then this cooler will suit you perfectly, and even if you don’t like the red LED fan, you can replace it.

    Pros: (+)
    • Light weight
    • Easy to mount on supported sockets
    • Supports K8 and LGA 775
    • Red LED fan
    • Silent, Overclock Switch
    • Red LEDs don’t loose light when fan is lower in speed
    • Great Cooling Capacity
    Cons: (-)
    • Red LED fan
    • Small Fan, 80mmx80mmx15mm
    • Doesn’t support a wide range of sockets


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