Evercool GT-365 (Extended Cooling System)

Evercool GT-365 (Extended Cooling System)

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    Today Evercool has sent us a sample of their Sharks CPU Cooler. If you haven’t heard of Evercool you must be living under a rock or something. Evercool competes with high-end, silent coolers and devices which aid cooling. Evercool was established in 1992, now with over 1,200 employees’ they are competing in the ever changing computer cooling market.


    Although packing sells the product off the self it really doesn't inhance the performance of the product. The GT-365's packing is neat with the main device being placed in a city background.



    Dimension : 50 x 37 x 20 mm
    Rated Voltage: 5 V
    Weight : 20 g


    The GT-365 is compatibile with all ATX 20pin and 24pin motherboards, It is only compatible with 3 pin fan's though.


    What’s In The Box
    • GT-365
    • Manual
    • 2 Fan Leads, Female to Female (From Motherboard to GT-365)
    • Cable between ATX 20/24 pin plug
    The GT-365

    The GT-365 is very simple. It runs off the power supplies +5vsb (+5v Rail, which is for computer Standby) and runs the fans from it. The GT-365 also has a power indication light, which detects wether the +12v is coming into the device or the +5vsb is required. When the indicator is red it is using the +5vsb and when green it is using the +12v from the fan header.

    The GT-365 Working


    The GT-365 is a great little device, but its point is really useless. Though it has been proven computer can be damaged when turn off, it makes you think if you should buy one and put it in so you can be protected.

    • Cooling after computer is shut down
    • Uses standby rail
    • Keeps fans running at low speed for silent operation
    • Prevent system damage after shutdown
    • Wont work when the power supply is turned off
    • Limit to fan count
    • ATX Adpator is abit dodgy (20 pin PSU's won't click in)
    • No off switch
    • Could have a invertor to push it upto 12 volts


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