Evercool Aluminum AL8025B and AL8025LD2 Fans

Evercool Aluminum AL8025B and AL8025LD2 Fans

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    Whether you are looking for a strong/effective fan or just a fan with a sleek design, Evercool has combined the two into the “Aluminum Frame Case Fan.” Yet, it doesn't stop there. With all the new case fans competing for the market, Evercool has made an move creating a series of aluminum fans with LED lighting. We'll be checking out the AL8025B and AL8025LD2 models, yet there is an AL8025B-A model with a fan alarm for those interested.

    The AL8025 fan series from Evercool are aluminum fans. The AL8025B the basic version and the AL8025LD2 is a blue LED version. Both fans have the same specifications, yet one has LEDs.


    Before I get to the review, I would like to provide some background on Evercool.

    "Evercool is the top 5 cooling fan manufacture in Taiwan, we specialized in PC Thermal Solutions, especially in CPU cooling field, our main products including CPU Coolers, DC Fans, Heat Sinks, H.D.D. Coolers and System Blowers. Our products are world wide installed in many different applications, for example, in the field of PC-production, Industrial Computers, Telecommunications, etc.

    We would like to emphasize that we put our entire strengths on the research and improvement of our innovative "PC Thermal Solutions" and ensure you that we do our best to meet the needs of our customers."


    Contents, features and specifications can be found on Evercool's website.
    • Specification: 80x80x25mm
    • Rated Voltage: 12v
    • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
    • Input Current: 0.13
    • Rotation Speed: 2500RPM
    • Acoustical Noise: < 28 dB
    • Air Flow: 32.4 CFM
    • Air Pressure: 2.48


    The packages vary quite a bit, for such a small difference of LEDs in one of the fans. The LED version is in the dreaded open once packaging, and the non-LED version is in a nice slide off plastic covering that is held together by a staple.


    The only things in the package are the fan itself and some screws. Yet the screws are actually special, because standard self-tapping fan screws are not going to do much good against the aluminum casing of the fan. One thing to note is that Evercool did not supply you with an adapter to hook the fan up to a molex.

    Additional Comments

    Both versions of the Evercool Aluminum fans push nearly 37.27CFM at only 27dBa. What is truely amazing it that it has hard to tell if they are even on! These fans are STEALTH. The sound put out by both of these fans combined could not even come close to beating the sound of ONE of the stock 80mm fans in our Antec testing case.


    So how did the aluminum fan fare? Just great. I think everyone should get one to spice up their case, either with the LEDs or not, and get a little cooling power to boot. At $11.95, I think this fan is affordable and reasonable. The aluminum fan is much better looking than any black plastic fan, and probably has better or comparable output. I can't find one flaw in this fan, and because of that and its originality, I give this fan the ISH AWARD!


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