CableOrganizer Black PC Power Supply Kit

CableOrganizer Black PC Power Supply Kit

  1. VelocityReviews

    When Paul from sent me this product I just knew I had to install it in my main rig, I hate looking into my computer and seeing all the red, black and yellow power supply cables tangled like a birds-nest all over the case! Especially considering I am getting a new case with a window something had to be done about this! So today I will be reviewing the Black PC Power Supply sleeving kit.


    The Power Supply Sleeving Kit came in a brown envelope, upon opening the package I was greeted with a plastic bag full of goodies!! Including lots of different sized pices of braided sleeving, cable ties and lots of different sized pices of heat shrink.



    The power supply we will be using today for this review is a Hyena 350watt Power Supply that came with my case.
    First I slid the braided sleeving over top of the cables and molex connectors, this took a bit of work but if you grab hold of two ends of the sleeving and push them together the sleeving expands so you can move it over the molex connector then let go and it shrinks back to its original size. Then I terminated the ends of the sleeving with the included heat shrink...


    I did notice that the heat shrink that was included did not keep the sleeving stuck in one place very well, so I used some of the heat shrink with the glue inside instead.

    Please take your time while doing this, The more time and effort you put into it the better it looks!!!

    I continued sleeving the rest of the Power Supply cables until I had finished then I noticed I had a few extra pices of braided sleeving left, so I decided to also do the same steps and sleeve my fans.

    Upon completing the power supply and fans I was VERY happy with the results, It looked great back inside the case and looked much more tidy.

    • Looks GREAT
    • Tidy's the Ugly cable mess
    • Improves Airflow
    • Included Heat shrink does not hold very well

    I was very impressed with this kit, It made the inside of my case clean and improved looks dramatically! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to clean up the inside of their case! I am happy to award this product the Hardware HQ Seal of Approval!


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