BTC USB Multimedia Keyboard (9001AH)

BTC USB Multimedia Keyboard (9001AH)

  1. VelocityReviews

    Finding the perfect keyboard can be a mission especially with the large ammount of different keyboards on the market. When my old generic Acer PS/2 keyboard i've had for years finally started to play up, I decided to search for a new keyboard, after seeing an older model keyboard which was very similar to this one but with less features I decided to try out the 9001AH USB Multimedia Keyboard from BTC.

    When I recived the keyboard in the mail I was very supprised to find that it has a two port USB hub on the back of the keyboard!, This is a very useful feature in my oppinion as the ammount of USB devices we plug into our computers! The only downside is it is NOT a powered USB hub, This means it uses that port's power from the motherboard and is not powered by an external plug pack, so if you put two external cd writers on the end of it Windows will bring up a nice message saying it cannot power the device/s

    Not enough power to opperate my digital camera!​

    The keyboard is pretty easy to set up just plug it into your USB port and go, but if you want to use and program the shortcut keys you will have to install the "KeyMaestro" software accompanied on a disk with the keyboard.

    After installing the "KeyMaestro" software I was able to set the shortcut keys to what I wanted them todo...


    The other functions like Volume, etc did not require any setup in the "KeyMaestro" software. Winamp recognized the key's automaticly and so did DivX player and Windows Media Player.

    The keyboard has a very nice feel to it and the keys are very soft and easy to type on! I'm sure this would be good for the gamers in the community and the business users.

    • 2 Downstream USB Ports
    • 5 Programmable shortcut keys
    • WWW, Power and Email Shortcut keys
    • Volume, Mute, Play, Pause, Stop, Eject, Prev Song, Next Song buttons (supported in WINAMP!)
    • Palm Rest

    I really like this keyboard because it has a very nice soft touch to the keys and because of its other features. I think I will be using this keyboard for a long time!

    • Easy to set up
    • Many great features
    • USB hub is NOT powered so many devices that need power wont work


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