Arctic Cooling Copper Lite

Arctic Cooling Copper Lite

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    Arctic Cooling are pretty big, they have made some of the highest quality coolers for both CPU's and GPU's. Arctic Cooling have just released their new nVidia Silencer. But today we are reviewing their new Copper Lite, otherwise known as the Copper Silent 3.


    It is packaged in a small box which is about the size of a normal persons palm.



    Heat Sink
    79.5 x 78 x 45 mm
    Copper Cylinder*Overall Dimensions 88 x 82 x 79 mm
    Rated Fan Speed 2200 RPM
    Power Consumption 0.13 Amp
    Air Flow 32 CFM / 55 m3/h
    Weight 298 g
    Noise Level 1.0 Sone (3 Sones and more:* disturbing)
    Therm. Resistance 0.49 °C / Watt
    Warranty 6 Years


    This cooler is compatible with every Socket A motherboard, and can be mounted on certain Socket 370 motherboards if there is a 60 x 78 mm space around the socket.

    What you get

    The box includes:
    • Copper Lite Cooler
    • Arctic Cooling MX-1 Thermal Paste (1 Serving)
    • Manual (On back of box)
    • Arctic Cooling Sticker

    The Copper Lite

    The Copper Lite has a Arctic Cooling Fan on to top, the Arctic Cooling fan is different from any normal fan. It has been hung above the cooler so that it doesn't touch or scrape the cooler. This method also allows the fan to spin faster whilst keeping low noise ouput.

    The Copper Lite is like any standard Socket A cooler but with a few differences. One of those differences is that it has a Copper cylinder straight through the centre of the cooler, that's why it is named the Copper Lite and not the Aluminium Lite.



    The heat sink is very easy to install. A mechanism similar to the one used on K8 Retention Modules is being used, a small screw tightens or releases the Bracket holding down the cooler.

    Test Setup
    • AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (Thoroughbred Core)
    • ASUS A7N8X-X
    • Mushkin Black CAS 2 Level 2 V2 512mb (Single Stick)
    • Ge-Cube 9200SE 128mb
    • Standard 450 Watt PSU
    • 120GB Seagate HDD
    • 40GB Seagate HDD
    • Standard Case

    Testing was done with the above machine. SiSoft Sandra Burn In was used to load the CPU during tests.

    Ambient Temperature was kept at 25°C

    Temperatures were measured in 40 minute time periods.

    Cooler Comparison:
    • Arctic Cooling Copper Lite
    • Cooler Master Aero 7 Lite


    The Copper Lite is a great cooler for those who only want silent air cooling. But the fact is people do want to over clock and not only that even on hot days you might want to prevent your processor from exceeding 50°C, this cooler could really use some speed controlling even if it is set via a back panel. Though look at the good sides of this cooler, its really easy to mount and really sets itself as a great silent cooler.

    I would also like to point something out, although this cooler is not made to be a performance type cooler, it still does a wonderful job at low noise output.

    Pro's ( + ):
    • Its for Socket A
    • Thick Fins
    • Easy mount
    • Light Weight
    • Large Fan for increased airflow Silent
    Con's ( - ):
    • No high-end performance
    • No Fan Speed Control


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