AC Ryan Blackfire4

AC Ryan Blackfire4

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    Fans have come a long way since the cold impersonal black generic fans that most manufactures made for the consumer. A.C.Ryan has a new line of UV LED fans they are producing and that is what we are going to take a look at today. A.C.Ryan is a new company to the modding scenes, yet they a large line of case modding products that is ever growing.



    Contents, features and specifications can be found on A.C.Ryan ’s website.

    Fan specifications
    • 120mm
    • UV blue-green
    • Clear Acrylic with UV-active™
    • 120x120x25mm ball-bearing
    • Powered via 3pin fan connector or 4pin Molex power connector (both included)

    LED light specifications
    • 4x ultrabright UV LED
    • Luminous intensity : 4x 2000mcd
    • Power consumption : 0.32W
    • Powered via fan power

    Packaging and Contents


    The A.C.Ryan Blackfire4™ UV LED case fan comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box with all the parts packed in a plastic case inside the box. You can see exactly what you are purchasing through the big clear window in the front of the box. On the back of the box is the fan specifications.

    Included in the package is the 120mm Clear UV-active fan with 4x UV LED light, 3pin fan power connector with 3pin to 4pin Molex connector (with molex pass through) and fan mounting screws. Yet, it would have been nice to see an included fan grill.


    Installation of the A.C.Ryan Blackfire4™ UV LED case fan is exactly the same as any other case fan. You decide where you want to mount the A.C.Ryan Blackfire4™ UV LED case fan and use the 4 included screws to mount it. If you want to monitor the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of the fan, you will have to connect it to a 3 pin fan header on either the motherboard, or on a fanbus that has a LCD display for fan RPM's.


    Glowing Goodness

    The A.C.Ryan UV LED fan looks very good with no UV lighting, but once plugged in, the UV LEDs turn on with the fan, and we get to see some glowing goodness. The LEDs built into the fan emit enough UV light to cause the entire fan to light up. The LEDs, however, are not bright enough to light up other UV components in your computer.


    The A.C.Ryan Blackfire4™ UV LED case fan is certainly great looking, and will add to almost anyone's case. Although UV reactive stuff is nothing new, as modders have been using the idea for at least a few years, these fans do provide a nice factory-made solution for people looking for a quick fix to make their case look nice. Be warned however, that these fans are at least a little more expensive than your regular LED fans. Yet, I recommend the A.C.Ryan Blackfire4™ to anyone looking into UV.


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