AC Ryan Backy Combo & SATA Combo

AC Ryan Backy Combo & SATA Combo

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    Here's a quick little gadget from A.C.Ryan, a large supplier of innovative mod products. They call it the "Backy", and it lets you connect various things that are normally found only inside your PC, to the outside. We’ll be looking at two variations of the Backy™, the Combo and the SATA combo.


    Contents, features and specifications can be found on A.C.Ryan's website.

    • No more opening your casing to test that harddisk or fan.
    • Connects harddisks without using any external hdd casing!
    • Plug n play SATA hdd.
    • External fans and lights are now easily connected.
    • Best of all, Backy is affordable!

    Packaging and Contents


    The Backy™ comes packaged in a clear, plastic bag with a cardboard top which displays the product name along with the model of particular Backy™ that is enclosed. The back of the package features a brief introduction to the Backy™ line of products along with a features list. You can see exactly what you are purchasing through the bag.


    Included in the package is the UVBlue Backy™, and a small bag with a screw for installing it into the expansion slot.

    Installation and Features

    Installation of the A.C.Ryan Backy™ could not be any easier. Simply secure the Backy™ to an available expansion slot and plug the male Molex connector to the power supply. Now you will be able to power any component or accessory from outside the case. You’ll also be able to use a SATA drive outside of your case without losing any performance.




    Anyone planning external case modifications or just looking to externally connect components, will love the A.C.Ryan Backy™. Its simple design will let you easily hook up external fans and lights, or even an external watercooling mod. When combined with a SATA or ATA133 Backy, your internal drives can now be used externally. at full speed! With the great attention to detail with the UV Blue Sleeving and the UV Blue connectors, there is no doubt that A.C.Ryan has found it’s niche in case mods.


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