Tech Report take a look at the HyperX Alloy Elite - a minimalist gaming keyboard that comes with mechanical MX Blue, Brown or Red keys:


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CNET report that Apple is working on a 3D laser based augmented reality system for the iPhone 8:

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Oculus have dropped the price of the Rift VR headset to $399/£399 - a phenomenal drop compared to just a few months ago. Does this mean there is a new version coming out soon, or do sales need a boost? Ars Technica take a look:

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The popular image hosting site Photobucket has suddenly disabled the ability to link to images from other websites - having a huge impact on forums, ebay listings and websites that have used this service for many years. It now costs a whopping $399 to enable this previously free service:

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The EU have slapped Google with a €2.4 Billion fine for allegedly manipulating search results in favour of the search engine giant. It now has 90 days to comply with the ruling to give equal treatment to competing services within its search results:

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GI have a great roundup of all of the industry gaming launch dates from E3 2017 in a single list - worth a read to see what is coming in the next year or two:

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ArsTechnical have an interesting article on their impressions of HDR gaming, since there was a distinct lack of HDR showcases at E3:

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Anandtech take a look at the latest edition of the Microsoft Surface tablet, an increasingly popular choice for high-end portable computing:


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PC Perspective have a review of the Corsair TX-M Series 750W PSU, which comes with an impressive 7-year warranty:


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ThinkComputers check out two Cooler Master MasterKeys PBT keyboards, where the main feature is that the keys are made from a tougher plastic that will resist loosing texture over time:

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