HotHardware check out the Dell UltraSharp 27 Premier Color UltraHD 4K Monitor, which as you may have guess from the name is a high-end product with a 4k IPS panel:

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Bit-Tech have an article warning users of the macOS 10.13 High Sierra operating system that there is a further vulnerability:

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KitGuru have a review of the Thecus N4350 4-Bay NAS, a low/mid range unit featuring an A9 CPU and 1GB ram:

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APH Networks have a review of the D-Link Covr, a whole home Wi-Fi solution - aimed at larger houses where a single router can't provide enough Wi-Fi coverage.

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TechPowerUp check out the be quiet! Dark Base 700, a mid-tower case designed for silent computing:

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Hot Hardware review the Dell Inspiron 27 7000, an all-in-one PC with a Ryzen CPU and 27" screen:


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At the moment, BitCoin is only able to handle around 12 transactions per second - far from ideal for a technology that aims to be a global currency. Technical changes could increase this limit, but they have been knocked back by Bitcoin traditionalists:

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If you're using the new iPhone X, you may be wondering how the new Face ID feature works. There's a handy video on YouTube that explains all this:

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ARM have introduced their new Mali-D71 display processor, which is anticipated to provide huge performance gains compared to previous generations:

Hexus cover this in detail here:
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