GI have a great roundup of all of the industry gaming launch dates from E3 2017 in a single list - worth a read to see what is coming in the next year or two:

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ArsTechnical have an interesting article on their impressions of HDR gaming, since there was a distinct lack of HDR showcases at E3:

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Anandtech take a look at the latest edition of the Microsoft Surface tablet, an increasingly popular choice for high-end portable computing:


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PC Perspective have a review of the Corsair TX-M Series 750W PSU, which comes with an impressive 7-year warranty:


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ThinkComputers check out two Cooler Master MasterKeys PBT keyboards, where the main feature is that the keys are made from a tougher plastic that will resist loosing texture over time:

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Bethesda have confirmed that Fallout 4 and Doom are both getting some VR makeover treatment, with the games being re-launched with full VR support. This will be one of the first AAA launches for a VR headset. Check out the amazing trailers:

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TomsHardware check out some G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR4-3600 RAM, which rates highly in competitive benchmarks and features some (gimmicky) RGB LEDS:


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Tom's Hardware have been testing out the Corsair TX750M PSU this week, and here's a snippet from their review:

corsair tx750m.jpg

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Tech Power Up have had the Team Group T-Force DARK ROG 3000 MHz DDR4 memory on their test bench this week - here's a snippet from their review:

title (1).jpg

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Lan OC have been checking out the Asus Strix RX 570 Graphics Card - here's a snippet from their review:


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