Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are coming under increasing scrutiny from financial regulators in the US, thanks to their increasing popularity as an investment (rather than a currency):

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The Tech Report check out the Radeon RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 graphics cards, bringing some serious competition to the high-end market:


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Windows 10 will have eye tracking support in an upcoming release, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. This is a great accessibility feature, but also has many other uses:

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TechSpot have an 8-core CPU showdown, comparing the Ryzen 7 1700 vs. Core i7-7820X - similar spec processors at very different prices:

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HardOCP have an article covering the long awaited RX Vega GPU, due to be released on August 14th 2017:

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Adobe will reportedly stop making the once-popular Flash plugin in 2020, thanks to the combined efforts of major browsers to block this plugin by default, thanks to the number of vulnerabilities over the years. It was once a huge leap in web technology, but it is long past its best:

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Tech Report take a look at the HyperX Alloy Elite - a minimalist gaming keyboard that comes with mechanical MX Blue, Brown or Red keys:


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CNET report that Apple is working on a 3D laser based augmented reality system for the iPhone 8:

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Oculus have dropped the price of the Rift VR headset to $399/£399 - a phenomenal drop compared to just a few months ago. Does this mean there is a new version coming out soon, or do sales need a boost? Ars Technica take a look:

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The popular image hosting site Photobucket has suddenly disabled the ability to link to images from other websites - having a huge impact on forums, ebay listings and websites that have used this service for many years. It now costs a whopping $399 to enable this previously free service:

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