Would you buy a car like this?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Supervisor, Jan 3, 2005.

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    How about if you brought home your new car and discovered that every time
    you started the engine, the radio played 5 to 10 minutes of local
    advertising and was configured so that you could not turn it off or change
    channels until that period was over? I doubt that this standard feature
    would be available very long before the sales of that company started for
    the bottom.

    Now it is after Christmas and everyone got players and ran out and
    bought a cartload of movies for them. Don't have a clue why someone would
    pay 12 dollars for a DVD they can rent for a buck, but that isn't the
    focus of this rant.

    So now everyone comes to me (the expert, you understand, because I know
    that the label side goes up in the tray) and complains that they have to
    watch what seems like hours of trailers every time they play the DVD.
    Skip past them, I say. If it won't allow the operation, hit stop, then
    skip. If that doesn't work...

    Turns out, on a lot of these $29.99 players bypassing the trailers is
    impossible. Well, not impossible - on one I could stop, enter the
    language setup, click on something, exit and then it would skip. On
    another, I could clear twice back to the start then it would skip. Others
    flat will not.

    If we don't start letting Hollywood know RIGHT NOW that this garbage has
    got to stop, it will not be long before 1. All players have the option of
    a DVD selected skip lockout, and 2. Trailers are placed in the middle of
    the movie in force watch mode.

    A few years ago, some theaters experimented with pausing the movie at the
    mid point (for an patron convinence intermission - yeah right!) and
    cranked in a few ads, just like at home. Fortunately, the reaction was
    so violent, with people walking up to the manager and wanting their money
    back right then, that it was dropped quick.

    It is going to happen again if we don't "get up and walk out" now.

    Supervisor, Jan 3, 2005
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