Waterproof case for A570IS or Waterproof Camera

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by SMS, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. SMS

    SMS Guest

    I need to get a waterproof camera for my daughter that's going on a
    week-long canoe camping scout outing in the summer.

    I thought about getting the Canon WPDC12 for her A570IS ($175) but then
    I saw the Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP for $133 and the Olympus Stylus 550 WP
    for $104.95. She isn't going to be doing underwater photography, but I
    want her to have something that she's not so worried about getting wet
    that she keeps it packed away in a waterproof bag the whole trip.

    Even though the A570IS is a better camera than either of those two, I
    just wonder how much of a hassle it is with those waterproof cases to do
    things like change the batteries, then get the camera back inside and
    make sure all the gaskets are properly seated and lubed.

    Has anyone here used one of the Canon waterproof cases?
    SMS, Jan 21, 2010
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  2. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Pete D wrote:

    > On a 12 day Scout Jamboree that I just returned from the camera performed
    > very well both in and out of the water, the video was also quite good. At
    > times I gave it to other people including kids and they were easily able to
    > use it to get great results. If I was looking to do A3 printing I might have
    > looked at other cameras but the price, compact size and range of features
    > suited my needs. I have had no problems with the camera being fully imersed
    > in salt as well as fresh water so far. I did buy a couple of cheap
    > aftermarket batteries and they have been just as good as the original.

    Thanks. Yeah, I'd have to get some extra batteries too as there will
    likely be no places to charge batteries along the way. Have you done
    Northern Tier?
    SMS, Jan 21, 2010
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  3. Ray Fischer

    Ray Fischer Guest

    SMS <> wrote:
    >I need to get a waterproof camera for my daughter that's going on a
    >week-long canoe camping scout outing in the summer.

    dpreview did a review/comparison of several waterproof compact cameras
    a few months ago. You'll find it here:

    Ray Fischer
    Ray Fischer, Jan 22, 2010
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