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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Grugne Munky, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Grugne Munky

    Grugne Munky

    Oct 28, 2006
    Referring 'Stumped, can't connect to network'

    My parents moved and after we setup the network at their new house none of
    the wireless pcs could connect. I never changed any of the info before or
    after the move so it doesn't make anysense.

    Anyways, I decided to start from a clean slate by resetting the router and
    setting it up again. It's a Netgear WGR614v4

    All of the computers can see the network from the "Choose a wireless
    network" list, they just can't connect. When I try to choose our network
    from the list it asks for the wep key but after I paste it in, there's no
    error or anything like that, it just doesn't connect.

    The Wireless Network Connection window stays open for a while whiel showing
    a progress par and "Waiting for the network..."

    But after about 30ish seconds of scannign the window goes away and it
    doesn't connect. It's definitely not a strength issue because I get 4/5 bars
    from and even right now as I'm typing this, I have my moms laptop and I'm
    only 3 feet away from the router with 5 bars.

    I have tried with Wireless Access Control on and off, I have tried with B&G
    and just G allthough all nics are G anyways.

    I am suffering the same problem.

    I have just installed a new Belkin Wireless G Router (f5d7231-4) and I am getting problems.

    The PC connected via ethernet cable is working fine, (did have problems with the ARP refreshing but thats been fixed) the problem is, my laptop will not connect wirelessly. I have however connected fine through a Nintendo DS without any issues. So, obvisouly the laptop is at fault.

    But the laptop connects fine at my wireless netowrk at home.

    I am currently using a WEP security, only because the Nintendo DS uses WEP security only. >.< But I have tried disabling the security but I am getting the same error. I am not using MAC address filtering either.

    I have tried:

    Removing all prefered networks,
    Using ststaic IPs,
    Different channels,
    Updating the drivers and firmware,
    And most of the basic fault finding techniques.

    I'm confused and out of tricks. Any help will be greatly appericiated. Quick replies will make my day.

    Thanks a lot,
    Grunge Munky
    Grugne Munky, Oct 28, 2006
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