VOB Conversion Help Request

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Ryton, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Ryton

    Ryton Guest

    G'Day All, I just created my first XviD conversion and have questions/
    issues. Therefore, any help on the following would be most

    1. DVD ripped to internal HDD using DVD Decrypter (Ver on 2.8
    GHz XP machine. Resulting VOB playback is perfect.

    2. Converted VOB to XviD (avi) on internal HDD using AutoGk (Ver 2.4).
    This took about 8 Hrs. Is there a faster method?

    2.1 Six main VOB files resulted in 6 AVI files. Is there a way to end-
    up with a single avi file?

    2.2 The VOB files had three audio streams available and I used the
    default first one. Is there a way to know what each of these actually
    are before you convert (i.e. 5.1, 2 ch, etc.)?

    2.3 Selected 75% quality conversion and was surprised to discover that
    some of the AVI files were actually bigger than their corresponding
    VOB files. Should I have used the 2 CD (1.4 GB) option instead? Is
    there another better method that can produce greater compression?

    3. Transferred AVI files to external USB2 HDD and connected it to my
    RJTeck 1800 DVD player USB port. The AVI playback appears to have the
    same bandwidth problem (occasional a/v stutters) that VOB has when
    playing through this interface. RJTech tech support has confirmed that
    the 1800's port is only USB 1. Is it possible to reduce the AVI
    requirement to comply with this bottleneck? In addition, the AVI
    playback has about a 1 sec. delayed audio sync problem which VOB does
    not have. Does anyone know what the required bandwidths are for
    various types of A/V streaming (i.e. VCD, SVCD, AVI, VOC, etc.)?

    As always, thanks in advance...
    Ryton, Mar 17, 2007
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  2. Ryton

    Ryton Guest

    Hello again, I've been able to muddle through on my own:

    1. Using DVD Decryter - Rip DVD to HDD as VOB files.

    2. Using Aurora Video Converter (Ver 5.1.1): Convert VOB files to VCD
    (MPG) files. This resulted in files which are about 1/5 the size.
    Several times faster than previous conversion.

    3. Transfer VCD files to external USB2 HDD.

    4 Connect external HDD to RJTech 1800 DVD player via USB port. Movie
    now plays fine with acceptable quality.

    Next step, do the same thing but convert to SVCD (Better than VHS
    quality) and see if the interface can keep-up.

    Hope this helps others!
    Ryton, Mar 19, 2007
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