Vista slower than XP

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Jake Malone - MVP/MUT, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. February 20, 2008

    Despite SP1, Vista is still slower than XP
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    So here I am, sitting in the main terminal at Dubai International,
    killing time during my six hour layover by sifting through the headlines
    surrounding the release Vista SP1. Over at a competitor's site, two
    prominent bloggers are really going at it, posting contradictory
    benchmark results that show Vista to be either a) on par with Windows XP
    or b) much slower than XP on the same hardware.

    In each case, the bloggers are focusing on areas in which Microsoft
    claims to have improved Vista performance with SP1: file copies, network
    transfers, etc. However, neither author seems be paying attention to the
    myriad other areas -- productivity applications, services, multimedia
    tasks -- where Vista is an absolute dog compared to Windows XP.

    Did they not read my previous postings on the subject? I made it pretty
    clear last year that Vista was struggling big time vs. XP on comparable
    hardware, and that SP1 would be no panacea.

    It's like the Microsoft PR machine flipped a switch somewhere and
    instantly reframed the entire discussion of Vista performance around
    just those areas it improved on in SP1.

    News flash, people: File copying is the least of the problems affecting
    Windows Vista. Test after test shows that the new OS is a performance
    slug across the board.

    Even when you disable all of the bells and whistles (Aero, Search) and
    turn-off every conceivable background service (Superfetch, ReadyBoost,
    etc) -- in other words, strip it down to something comparable to XP in
    terms of underlying OS footprint -- Vista is still a good 40 percent
    slower than XP on a variety of basic productivity tasks.

    The only solution to this generalized performance malaise is to throw
    hardware at it: Vista performs quite tolerably on state-of-the-art
    hardware. Unfortunately for Microsoft, so does XP SP3. In fact, it
    absolutely screams on today's high-end, multi-core desktops and laptops,
    which puts customers in the position of having to choose between
    functionality and raw performance.

    In conclusion: Don't be confused by all of these headline-grabbing
    "performance tests." They're focusing almost exclusively on areas that
    Microsoft tweaked with SP1. The fact remains that Vista will always
    require roughly 2X the hardware performance to deliver an end-user
    experience on par with Windows XP.

    And when you finally do give in and buy that new "Designed for Vista"
    PC, do yourself a favor and provision yourself a small XP partition,
    just as an experiment. Don't settle for Vista until you've seen how much
    performance you're trading for that shiny new UI and whatever other
    bells and whistles you find so irresistible. You may be surprise at just
    how fast your new PC really is - once it's no longer encumbered by the
    bloat and sluggishness of "Windows 6.x."
    Jake Malone - MVP/MUT, Feb 21, 2008
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  2. Jake Malone - MVP/MUT

    Anteaus Guest

    Unfortunately for the average punter, a new PC IS a Vista PC.

    Most won't have the inclination to try reverting it to XP, or they will balk
    at the additional cost of an XP licence AND the cost of an engineer's time to
    do the reinstall. Result: They won't buy the PC, but will instead stick to
    their old one.

    Apple are doing quite nicely out of all of this, or so I hear.

    Highstreet stores aren't, many have taken the sales staff out of the
    computer sections, to redeploy them where they might actually sell something.

    Oh well, there goes my MVP. :-(
    Still, has to be said.

    "Jake Malone - MVP/MUT" wrote:

    > Despite SP1, Vista is still slower than XP
    Anteaus, Feb 22, 2008
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