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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by, Feb 9, 2004.

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    I was asked by a friend to set up Dialup Networking using his Telecom
    Kyocera 2235 (?) cellphone connected to his new laptop.
    The Kyocera driver was installed and the phone was connected to the
    laptop using a USB-serial cable. It appears in the Modem and Phone
    listing in Control Panel. We set up a new DUN connection to Paradise
    using the Kyocera Hi-speed CDMA modem. However, the hardware is not
    the problem.
    Apparently, you cannot connect to Paradise using the cellphone
    connection, nor can you connect to Xtra.
    We tried the normal numbers and called Paradise for others, but the
    cellphone will not establish a connection to the ISP. It will dial and
    connect but Windows XP DUN then displays an error - "Error connecting
    to remote computer", or some such. Paradise stated that they do not
    support DUN if you use the cellphone for a modem - call Clearnet.
    He has to subscribe to an Xtra data rate connection for it to work.

    All he wants to do with his laptop is to collect his Paradise e-mail
    from his boat, using his relatively new cellphone.

    From a newbie view, I would like to understand why he cannot establish
    a DUN connection, as you would using a landline. Someone may correct
    my misunderstanding if I thought that the modem you use is irrelevant
    to DUN, as long as it works and is recognised by the OS? Is there an
    initialisation string that will make it work?


    Wellington, New Zealand
    , Feb 9, 2004
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  2. On Mon, 09 Feb 2004 20:13:17 +1300, wrote:

    >I was asked by a friend to set up Dialup Networking using his Telecom
    >Kyocera 2235 (?) cellphone connected to his new laptop.

    I've set up one of these before, the configuration was strange. For
    mobile jetstream, dialling the number #777, username
    'mobile@jamamobile', password 'telecom'.

    I myself, however, have an old Nokia 5110, Data Cable, and Laptop. The
    5110 doesn't have a built-in modem, there's a software modem provided
    with the Nokia Data Suite 3.0 software that can work with the mobile &
    cable to provide an internet connection.

    I dial ihug as normal, but I use their 'cellphone dial-up' number,
    which is an auckland (09) number (mentioned on their website). It's
    charged at usual cellphone voice rate. I don't think dialling the 0873
    or 0867 number would work - Maybe something about how the phone system
    is routed for IPNet?

    Kristofer Clayton (KJClayton)
    Gisborne, New Zealand
    Kristofer Clayton, Feb 9, 2004
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