upload and other probs

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Tommy Glassford, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. If I've visited the wrong newsgroup, please accept my apologies. I'm looking
    for advice on various things to do with getting the computer to smile at me
    and talk to the outside world.

    I posted a message to some newsgroups last month, but my computer crashed
    for the last time and has been to the repair shop and to cut a long story
    short, I now have a revamped, less powerful machine, but I'm hoping that I
    can get this to do what I'm telling it.

    I had Outlook Express 6 problems gaining access to newsgroups with Windows
    XP, using news.virgin.net. I was eventually successful, and I didn't change
    anything other than continually persivering. Because I posted my email
    address to various newsgroups, I'm now getting stacks of bumf/spam, and I'm
    hoping someone knows some way of chopping unsolicited stuff. A lot says it's
    Microsoft and I need to use this patch, I've been getting plenty of emails
    like that with an attachment, I've not opened any of them incase there's a

    I created my web site using Microsoft FrontPage and it's my lyrics of the
    past twenty odd years and so it's nothing in depth, just text, but my home
    site won't accept it. The ISP is Dabsol and I like it because my home page
    address will be nice and simply www.thelyrics.dabsol.co.uk, and I remember
    getting a posting from someone (one of the few that I successfully received
    before the computer packed in, and before I could respond - and I can
    nolonger respond because I don't have the addresses and so if you sent me an
    email, could you do so again!) who suggested the host address was
    ftp://ftp.dabsol.net and using WS_FTP Pro I was able to gain access. The
    problem I now have is that the site won't accept my files and folders saying
    that I don't have a directory. Is it because I created the site using
    FrontPage and if so can I change the site info to another program? If it's
    not that, what the **** am I doing wrong?

    Another thing that I'd like to try and get to the bottom of, although I
    tried and failed after months of trying last year - is to get some kind of
    advice on getting hundreds of my audio style tape recordings that I created
    in the days when I used a Commodore 64, and get the lyrics that are on them
    into the computer. If anyone knows what kind of cabling I need, tape
    recorder I need, software I need - could you please be specific and detail
    what and where I need to go, make it idiot proof so that I have an outside
    chance of understanding.

    I'm sorry to have been perhaps a bit longwinded, thanks for reading and my
    email address is presently tommy.glassford2 at virgin net, but if the troops
    of spam continue, it'll hopefully be getting changed to an old account I had
    which is tglassford at virgin.net, and yes I know I haven't written the
    addresses down correctly.

    Tommy Glassford, Oct 4, 2003
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