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    Uninspired would describe my non-entry to the mandate this time. I
    did try to seek out something related to "U", but I'm glad I didn't
    try to force it.

    On a related note, while restoring the music I lost in my recent disk
    crash, I ran across an old Grateful Dead soundboard I'd forgot I had,
    which then led to me purchasing a couple of the better Dick's Picks
    that I always meant to get. And what better way to listen to the guys
    than riding in a car. So I put 2-5-78 on a flash drive and head out
    for drive yesterday afternoon.

    While riding along, I notice some interesting cloud formations, and it
    was getting towards sunset, so I head towards a spot on Lake Travis
    known for it's sunset views. As I get closer, I can tell the sunset
    is getting better and better. The clouds had arranged themselves into
    a series of long parallel tubes running North to South as I looked
    across the lake to the West at the sun going down.

    I arrived at "The Spot" just as the sun dipped under the horizon, and
    the whole sky, the clouds, and the reflections in the lake exploded in
    red. It was surreal. And at that moment, the Scarlet Begonias/Fire
    on the Mountain jam was playing, which seemed very appropriate.

    One of the best sunsets I'd ever seen. Top five, at least. And of
    course, I didn't have my camera with me.
    otter, Feb 16, 2012
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