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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Max, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Max

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    Uninstalled Ubuntu yesterday.

    Took a lot less time than it did to install it.

    In Windows XP computer management, deleted the Ubuntu partitions.
    Restarted the computer, and booted from the XP CD.
    Started Recovery Console and did a Fix MBR.


    Googled Wubi.

    Found the website to download the Wubi install programme.

    The install programme was only 1.46MB, and it's first step was to
    download a 700MB ISO.

    Problem: It said it would take 3+ hours to download on a Paradise
    10Mb/sec download cable connection.

    One review of Wubi also said it would take another 2+ hours to install
    after the ISO download had completed!

    Stuff THAT!

    Some more Googling, and a question/reply in a Ubuntu forum said I should
    be able to install from the Ubuntu ISO I had downloaded from Ihug 3
    weeks ago, all I needed to do was put the install programme in the same
    Windows directory that the Ubuntu ISO was in and run it. It will detect
    and use that ISO instead of trying to download it.

    That worked.

    Computer rebooted, Ubuntu re-installs without any need to create Ubuntu
    partitions out of Windows partitions.
    Re-install took just under 15 minutes.

    Rebooted computer to check that Windows XP was still working ok. It was.
    Rebooted into Ubuntu, seemed to start up faster than the previous install.

    Had to set up everything again, Internet access, graphics card/monitor,
    Printer, Thunderbird, System temp/fan monitoring, etc like I had in the
    previous install.

    Didn't have any problems this time.

    This Wubi install seems to be running a lot better than the original
    standard install I did 3 weeks ago.

    Ran update manager and installed the latest updates including the latest
    Linux kernel.

    No longer getting the error message that the updates couldn't be
    verified as I had been previously.
    101MB of updates installed.

    I decided to change to Wubi as I don't have to have separate NTFS and
    EXT3 partitions on my hard drive, and I can allocate more HD space with
    a Wubi install than I could with the standard install having it's own

    Wubi Info:
    Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users that
    can bring you to the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to
    install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application, in a
    simple and safe way.

    Wubi is Simple
    No need to burn a CD. Just run the installer, enter a password for the
    new account, and click "Install", go grab a coffee, and when you are
    back, Ubuntu will be ready for you.

    Wubi is Safe
    You keep Windows as it is, Wubi only adds an extra option to boot into
    Ubuntu. Wubi does not require you to modify the partitions of your PC,
    or to use a different bootloader, and does not install special drivers.
    It works just like any other application. Wubi is free of spy ware and
    malware, and being open source, anyone can verify that.

    Wubi is Discrete
    Wubi keeps most of the files in one folder, and if you do not like it,
    you can simply uninstall it as any other application.

    The goal of the project is to assist a Windows user unacquainted with
    Linux in trying Ubuntu without risking any loss of information due to
    disk formatting or partitioning. Wubi can also uninstall Ubuntu from
    within Windows.

    It is not a virtual machine, but rather, it creates a stand-alone
    installation within a loopmounted device, also known as a disk image,
    like Topologilinux does. It is not a Linux distribution of its own, but
    rather an installer for Ubuntu.

    Users interested in directly installing to a dedicated partition, like a
    standard Ubuntu install does, without needing a CD should use UNetbootin


    Replace the obvious with paradise.net to email me
    Found Images
    Max, Jun 28, 2009
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