Traitor Johnny's other war record

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    Traitor Johnny's record comes home to roost. From John Fund's 3/29/2004
    column at the Wall Street Journal....

    "John Kerry mentions his service in Vietnam so frequently that it has become
    a running joke on the campaign press plane. He seldom if ever mentions his
    postwar activities as a national coordinator and principal spokesman for
    Vietnam Veterans Against the War, a group he says he quit in 1971 because he
    was concerned about its radical agenda. One reason may be that a credibility
    gap has started to widen over his antiwar history, and he clearly doesn't
    want to discuss it at length. His campaign is issuing misleading and evasive
    statements on his antiwar service in a way that would do the Pentagon
    spinners of the Johnson and Nixon administrations proud...

    In fact, Mr. Kerry acts as if he can't remember much about the VVAW at all.
    This month his campaign several times said he "never, ever" attended a
    Kansas City meeting of antiwar leadership where members discussed and voted
    on an assassination plot against pro-war U.S. senators. Then, when
    confronted with FBI surveillance records of the meeting, the campaign
    acknowledged his presence as "an historical footnote." Mr. Kerry told a
    Boston radio station the whole story was "such ancient history." It was time
    to move on.
    Not so fast. Mr. Kerry's campaign has done more than contradict itself. It
    has been in full coverup mode. John Musgrave, one of the six witnesses who
    placed Mr. Kerry at the Kansas City meeting, says the head of Veterans for
    Kerry, John Hurley, called him twice and pressured him to change the story
    he had already told a Kansas City Star reporter about the 1971 meeting.

    According to Mr. Musgrave, Mr. Hurley told him that the senator "was
    definitely not in Kansas City." The New York Sun reports that Mr. Musgrave,
    who received three Purple Hearts in Vietnam, told Mr. Hurley that "I
    remember what I remember." Mr. Hurley then said, "Why don't you refresh your
    memory and call that reporter back?" Mr. Hurley says he thinks Mr. Musgrave
    is mistaken and was simply insisting Mr. Musgrave be very sure of his
    recollection. "I would apologize to John Musgrave if he thought in any way I
    was pressuring him," he told the Kansas City Star.

    There's another reason the issue shouldn't just die. Last month Democratic
    chairman Terry McAuliffe gave the party's imprimatur to the claim that
    George W. Bush's had gone AWOL during his Vietnam-era service in the Air
    National Guard. Earlier, a supporter of then-candidate Wesley Clark had
    accused Mr. Bush of desertion, a felony.
    Reporters spent days hounding White House spokesmen for records on the
    subject. In the end, it became clear that Mr. Bush chose to serve stateside
    during the war, was lax in attending guard duty during his last year, and
    had to feverishly make it up before he was honorably discharged. It's clear
    President Bush doesn't want to talk about his service, but reporters pressed
    for answers anyway.

    It's time they do the same for Mr. Kerry, who has laid down his actions in
    the Vietnam era as a marker for his character and, according to the Boston
    Globe, has refused to release his military records. Instead, Jack Kelly, a
    respected military columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, believes many
    journalists are "more interested in defeating President Bush than in
    providing readers with potentially important information which reflects
    poorly on Sen. John Kerry."

    [John Fund, "Kerry's Other War Record: His antiwar activities deserve more
    scrutiny from the press," 3/29/2004,]

    In other words, when is the liberal press going to start investigating
    TRAITOR Johnny's role in this assassination plot! And since Traitor Johnny
    hired the man who proposed it for his Florida office, when is the liberal

    As we all know, in 1971, Traitor Johnny said that American soldiers were
    MURDERING 200,000 people a year in Vietnam.

    Fund goes on... "Even Daniel Ellsberg, the famous leaker of the Pentagon
    Papers, rejected the argument that the most horrible U.S. atrocity in
    Vietnam, My Lai, was in any way a normal event. But Mr. Kerry spent over a
    year rehashing the Detroit hearsay allegations in speeches and on national
    television even though he had no personal knowledge of the events." [Ibid.]

    Traitor Johnny, did what most Communist Dupes and Fuckwits do -- HE
    DELIBERATELY LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH and slandered every soldier, sailor,
    marine and airman in the US military.

    And you Democrats want to elect this FUCKWIT STOOGE and TRAITOR as
    President? Why you Democrats must be traitors too!

    Fund goes on...

    "After his testimony, Mr. Kerry became the celebrity voice of the VVAW, at
    the same time that he became increasingly alienated from the group. The
    controversy about Mr. Kerry's presence at a meeting of the VVAW steering
    committee on Nov. 12 through 15, 1971, seven months after his testimony,
    erupted this month after writer Thomas Lipscomb broke the story in the New
    York Sun that several veterans remembered Mr. Kerry being present at the
    meeting when Scott Camil, a key leader of the VWAW from Florida, proposed
    the assassination of key pro-war senators, including Republican Strom
    Thurmond of South Carolina and Democrat John Stennis of Mississippi.

    Mr. Camil was known to fellow VVAW activists as "Scott the Assassin." He
    says he got the name in Vietnam for "sneaking down to the Vietnamese
    villages at night and killing people." He says he organized eight to 10
    former Marines to plan the project. " [Ibid.]

    AND GUESS WHAT! Traitor Johnny *HIRED* this same "Scott the Assassin" for
    his Florida campaign office! Yes. SCOTT THE ASSASSIN is Kerry's campaign

    If I were Jeb Bush, I'd double my security guard -- and double it again if
    Kerry loses Florida. I wouldn't trust Traitor Johnny to be a "good loser."

    A man who BETRAYED the living POWS left behind after Vietnam by covering up
    their existence, by destroying evidence of their continued living existence
    and by lying to the American public about it is, by definition a "traitor."

    Lord Valve, May 8, 2004
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  2. Re: Traitor Johnny's other war record/And why should anyone take you seriously. Your a crossposting troll.

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    (Lord Valve) wrote:


    And why should anyone take you seriously. Your a crossposting
    Any Moose Poster, May 8, 2004
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