traffic routing between serial and dsl interface

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by paranic, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Hi there
    I have a big problem that is on my mind a long time now
    The scenario is as simplest as I can 123 be.
    1760 with a serial, a DSL and an Ethernet interface
    Ethernet on LAN
    Serial 2Mbit on x provider with a c class for addresses
    DSL with static ip
    Internal machines run services on several ports and they have IP
    addresses of the serial 2Mbit provider.
    What I want to do is:
    Route gamming traffic and services on Serial Interface
    And everything else (including P2P programs) NATed and on DSL

    No my thoughts:
    In order to have services on local machines working and accessible from
    the outside world I think I must 'ip route

    The classification of the traffic must be based on gamming traffic and
    Witch I have a working list of all games ports and is working great on
    another location.
    Trying to specify everything else except gamming is madness.

    So how can I route everything except gamming traffic to the DSL
    interface and allow gaming traffic from the 'default' Serial

    Notice that I am pretty familiar with Policy Based Routing and all
    those stuff, but this kind of scenario drives me crazy.

    Maybe an access-list that allow all traffic and deny gaming and
    services, and use this access-list to a route-map and 'set interface
    Dialer1' and then attach this route-map to Ethernet interface.
    So everything that permitted by access-list will be routed to Dialer1
    .... NATed and out on the internet.
    And everything that is denied by the access-list will be routed on the
    default route through Serial interface.
    And requests coming from the outside world on the serial interface will
    be go to local machines directly and services will operate nicely.

    Do you think this scenario will work? Is it worth trying it?
    Anyone has any other better idea?

    Thanks in Advance
    paranic, Oct 5, 2005
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