To Whome It May Concern....

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Hi EveryBody:

    For all the poeple who are intersting to protect them kids from all the

    sexuall based web sites they can use this new software.

    This software is magnifecant it has the ability to control more than 10

    billion web site.

    This software called Http watcher. It can control all web sites through

    the internet by entering just one word from the web site name. It does
    not depend in any kind of proxy. For example if you enter word yahoo to

    protect your kids from entering, If your kids or what
    ever try more proxies to enter to yahoo they will never and ever enter
    yahoo web site until you disactive the functulity of the http watcher
    or you delete yahoo from the program database.

    Also If you want to control all the web sites including word sex in its

    name all what you have to write is word sex.

    Of course you may find different systems and software on the net but
    these software are using and dealing with such technology like
    depending on proxies or connecting to server to add or remove URL from
    there. These two methods as we now are inconvenient because the first
    one when you change the proxy you can enter to any web sites are
    blocking and the second one is wasting of time and effort. That mean
    you will not get full control to add ,remove or update your sites, or
    control the net.

    For more information about this software go to:

    and get your trial version to try it, when you want to buy it, it just
    cost for $10 will never feel bad if you buy it as I did.


    , Dec 18, 2005
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  2. On 17 Dec 2005 21:26:41 -0800, Gave us:


    Usenet newsgroups are NOT the place for your SPAM, regardless of how
    "good" your intentions are. You do not get to break the rules merely
    because you THINK that you have something folks want.
    NunYa Bidness, Dec 18, 2005
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