Thunderbird 1.0 got confused with news

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by 'Captain' Kirk DeHaan, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. I was having some trouble with my ISP's news server. When talking with
    tech support he asked me to kill the news account and recreate it.
    Being that I had numerous groups listed and set they way I wanted I
    decided to create a new "test" news account. It had a different name
    but the news server was the same as the one I was having trouble with.

    After creating the new news account it never showed up in the list. I
    figured TB wouldn't let me create one and went on debugging. The
    problem was at the ISP and once resolved at their end I had some weird
    reactions when trying to pickup news.

    Even though I was already subscribed to numerous groups TB asked me if I
    wanted to subscribe. I answered yes and continued. I could never get
    to the groups as it kept asking me if I wanted to subscribe.

    Finally in frustration I thought I would look at the .rc file and found
    multiple .rc files for the host as well as an instance for each group I
    subscribed to again and again.

    I canned the account and removed the associated directory and .rc file.
    Restarting TB showed the "test" account. I canned that one and found
    another instance of the .rc file and directory I had just deleted.

    To clean this up I manually deleted the .rc file and directory again.
    Then I canned the account in TB. I exited TB, restarted and found that
    everything was finally "clean". I recreated the news account I
    originally had, subscribed to the groups and downloaded headers without
    a problem.

    It appears TB will get very confused if you have more than one news
    account with the same server.

    'Captain' Kirk DeHaan, Dec 24, 2004
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