The Boy who Broke His Father's Idols!

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    This is a true story about a boy whose father used to manufacture
    idols. These idols were very popular amongst the people. Most people
    were worshipping them because this is what they thought the religion
    of their ancestor’s required. However, this lad thought differently.
    He began to reason with his people about their age-old practice. Why
    did they worship idols? Could the idols benefit them in any way? Could
    the idols even defend themselves if they were attacked? More
    important, is it not true that the God who made the Heavens and the
    Earth also made humans? And is it not true that humans make idols?
    Then it follows that God is greater than all the idols put together.
    Furthermore, which idol do people call upon if they happen to be at
    sea, far away from their favorite idol? Do they not call upon the
    unseen God, who hears every call? The people, could not answer to this
    clever boy so they shrugged him off.

    He reasoned with his father also. But his father also shrugged him
    off. Now, a picture is worth a thousand words. Since no one paid heed
    to the boy’s words, he decided to put his words into a dramatic scene.
    One day, he had his opportunity when the people were all away on a
    festival. When the people returned they found what for them was not a
    pretty sight. All the idols were broken except the biggest one, which
    was still standing tall. An axe was leaning against it. What could
    this mean? They did not get the message. The lad was their prime
    suspect. But he answered their questions with this suggestion: why not
    ask the big idol? Obviously, the weapon of destruction is in his
    possession. “But that makes no sense,” they protested. They were
    starting to get the message. “How can we ask the idol? And how could a
    lifeless idol break the others?” “But then” retorted the boy, “Why do
    you worship these lifeless idols?” The point was driven home in a
    dramatic fashion. The boy’s name was Abraham. He grew up to be a
    Prophet delivering to the people God’s message that they should
    worship none but the one true unseen God who created the Heavens and
    the Earth. You can read more about Abraham in the glorious Qur’an, a
    book that God revealed to a descendant of Abraham: the Prophet
    Muhammad. May God shower His peace and blessings on both Muhammad and
    his ancestor Abraham
    , Jul 3, 2008
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