The Beauty and the Biz

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    The Beauty and the Biz
    by Jess Guim, MCSE

    This article could be FREELY DISTRIBUTED AND REPRINTED as long as the
    by-line and resource box below are included.

    Aside from filling up a web site with freely distributable ezine
    articles from different sources, I had found an innovation which would
    surely be likened by busy entrepreneurs like you. The strategy is by
    using a photo gallery section in my web site. From my weekend hobby of
    going around New York City, and taking pictures with my digital camera
    since 1999, I've found this collection of pictures very useful in
    making my web site content-rich and enjoyable to visitors.

    What's more amazing is that in each page with a postcard size picture,
    I could insert banner ads and text ads from affiliate partners. It's
    like a movie presentation, which makes my visitors enjoy the beauty of
    my carefully selected digital pictures. But in each picture page there
    is a banner ad and a text ad which advertises either my products and
    services or the products of my affiliate partners.

    Aside from building a virtual mall in your web site, build a virtual
    theme park, too, by using your collection of digital pictures. It's
    easier to create photo galleries now for the web, because these
    programs come with the purchase of digital cameras.

    If you want to try this marketing idea of mine, I am offering free
    photo gallery, downloadable at . The link
    is located at the upper right-hand corner of the home page. The
    gallery is ready for web publication. All you need to do before you
    publish it at your site is insert your own banner ads and text ads
    below each picture.

    If you have a collection of your digital pictures, don't just keep them
    in your hard disks. Use them as html pages that could make your web
    site content rich and favorite of the search engine robots. It's
    faster to build hundreds of web pages from these pictures, than the
    time-consuming writing of articles or re-publishing free ezine articles
    in your site. You don't need to crack your head, to add more pages
    where you could insert banner ads and text ads in your site.

    Jess Guim is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, who had been
    working with small and Fortune 500 companies since 1997. He specializes
    in computers, servers, and networking. He owns the web site .
    , Jan 1, 2005
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