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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by timco, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. timco

    timco Guest

    Looking for recommendations on 15, 17 and 18" TFT monitors which are
    suitable for Games/DVD. Not worried about price want to find the best mon
    then find the best price on that in each of the above sizes.

    timco, Nov 18, 2003
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  2. timco

    Jerry G. Guest

    The new generation of these monitors are mostly all good. Stay with the big
    brand name ones. I personally like the Samsung, NEC, and Sony ones. The
    newer models have a much higher contrast ratio. They are typically over
    400:1. There are some pricier ones that have a contrast ration of about
    700:1. A CRT is about 1000:1.

    As for colour accuracy, shading accuracy, and speed, the newer models are
    very good, but are not up to par with a CRT. A CRT monitor is still better
    for doing serious photo or graphics work.

    As for gaming, if there is rapid motion, there will be some blurring of the
    image. In some of the games, it is said that something like a very fast
    ball may become a sort of a streak as it moves rapidly across the screen.

    If you are doing browsing, word processing, and simple graphics work, a good
    LCD screen is ideal. There is no mis-convergence, purity errors, or pin
    distortions. There is no flicker, or UV radiation which contributes to
    eyesore, and fatigue. There is extreme high voltages employed that
    contribute to X-Ray radiation and ozone generation. There is also no
    magnetic, or RF field radiation. This also helps with health concerns.

    You will find that you can work many more hours in front of an LCD display
    without rest. Many companies are putting these in, because they are finding
    that they are getting a greater amount of productivity out of their users
    who do intense computer work. The users tend to require less breaks and
    have less sick days from fatigue. Some companies have reported to have about
    a 20% increase of productivity in many cases.

    As for shopping for an LCD display, the markets are changing constantly.
    Your best bet is to carefully look at the different models and read articles
    on how they are rated. Like anything else, there are some that are not very
    good, and others that are comparatively excellent for the money.

    It is important to look in to the warranty and especially the "bad pixel"
    policy of the manufacture you choose. Some manufactures allow for up 5 or
    even 7 bad pixels in any one quadrant of the screen, before they would
    determine the screen to be defective. Some may be lit or black. Lit pixels
    can be either Red, Green, Blue, or White. The lit ones can be particularly
    annoying if this type of error bothers you. There are some models that the
    manufactures have a "zero bad pixel" policy. These are particularly
    expensive, because of the much higher rejection rate during assembly.

    The LCD screen is a very fragile type of display. If the users put their
    fingers on the screen surface to point at things, there may be damage.
    Pressing on the screen to see the liquid sort of swim can cause a massive
    failure of that spot. The manufactures can determine if the screen has been
    abused. Rubbing the screen with a harsh cloth, or even a finger can cause
    permanent damage to the surface filter. If the screen is damaged, the only
    fix is a new panel. A new display panel replacement would approach the cost
    of a new monitor.

    LCD screens are not easily serviceable, and service is expensive. Make sure
    that the model you purchase carries a typical 3 year or better warranty,
    including the backplane lamp. Make sure that the dealer you do the purchase
    from is authorized to sell the model that you are purchasing.

    Many companies are planning to stop production of the main stream CRT
    monitors and TV sets. They will only have a few models of CRT monitors in
    the very high specialized applications, for such use as precision photo
    work, and acad applications. The price ranges of these monitors will be very
    high. In about 2 to 3 years or so, a consumer level CRT monitor or CRT TV
    set will not be available.



    Jerry Greenberg GLG Technologies GLG

    "timco" <tim@{yourtits}> wrote in message
    Looking for recommendations on 15, 17 and 18" TFT monitors which are
    suitable for Games/DVD. Not worried about price want to find the best mon
    then find the best price on that in each of the above sizes.

    Jerry G., Nov 18, 2003
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