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Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Con-cert-o, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Con-cert-o

    Con-cert-o Guest

    Hi boys and girls,

    I have never posted here before.

    Question 1 Introduction) As far as certifications go,
    all the sites that I have seen have the same price for vouchers. That
    is, an A+ exam voucher might go for $90USD. Maybe for $100. But you
    never see it for $75USD or $65USD. Even the last minute deals - Yeah,
    you got 2 weeks before this voucher expires... We'll knock $10 off the
    voucher price. Good deal, eh?!?

    Question 1) I am just wondering if anyone has seen it
    cheaper than the four or five sites I have seen offering test vouchers?

    Question 2 Introduction) I have worked in various
    helpdesk positions in the past 10+ years (I am 35 now) and I am
    currently looking for a job in Toronto or Vancouver. I have been
    looking for a couple months now with almost no interviews/feedback from
    my resume/cover letters. Anyway, I am opting to A+ certify myself
    because some jobs require it or some jobs state various certifications
    would be an asset. I have a pretty good idea what's going on with PC
    OS/hardware (enough to sell my services to people who have never heard
    of me). I have been doing it for six or seven years now but only
    started trying to sell my services recently. I can't make a living from
    it because I feel I haven't marketed myself enough. Also, I don't want
    to market myself here (in my small town), I want to market myself in
    Toronto or Vancouver. However, I need a real full-time job to actually
    live! Anyway, I bought the Mike Meyers A+ All-In-One Exam Guide 5th
    edition anyway (just for fun). Let's say I get the A+, and then I want
    to continue and get others but preferably in a minimal amount of time.

    Question 2) So, does anyone have recommendations on
    certifications that are not extremely difficult to achieve? Obviously,
    this may vary from person to person...

    In other words, time is not on my side - I need a job
    and don't have time to certify myself over several months or years
    before hopefully getting a job. Personally, I don't care which way my
    career goes but my background is split about 50/50 UNIX/Windows along
    with Oracle/Sybase. I also have experience with Novell and Banyan LANs
    (but not from an Administrative side). I think Mike Meyers recommended
    grabbing an intro Cisco certification. I know a lot of networking
    concepts but really I have no formal training.

    Question 3) Anyone have contacts in Toronto or
    Vancouver in IT companies or companies with IT that need a Technical
    Support/Help Desk Analyst? OR know of other news groups or
    computer/tech clubs I could join that I might be able to network


    PS: I have read all kinds of postings here and keeping track of
    the tech sites posted for future reference when solving problems.
    That's great. Everyone seems pretty helpful and certainly encouraging
    when it comes to getting certifications. Good to have some mentors.
    Everyone needs them. By the way, sorry I am so .... long winded. :)
    Con-cert-o, Feb 23, 2004
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