talen from c.s.i.g.s - holy cow batman, copy protection writers encourage piracy of competition

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Peter Huebner, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. As some people here probably know, I have been a fierce critic of copy
    protection software for some time, especially the 'Starforce' project that is
    in nature not so very different from the 'Sony rootkit' issue.

    Well, the makers of Starforce have just shown their true colours when they
    became aware of Stardock Systems selling their (GalCiv II) software without
    copy protection, a fact that they obviously object to.

    To wit:

    Subject: Holy Shit. Starforce encourages piracy of non-Starforce game
    From: Brian Trosko <>
    Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic

    Have you seen this yet?


    "Stardock Systems, the small developer of the highly popular new game
    Galactic Civilizations II, has released the program without any sort of
    copy protection at all.and it's doing very well. Their philosophy is
    refreshing: make it easy and compelling for users to stay legal, and they
    (mostly) will.

    "Our primary weapon to fight piracy is through rewarding customers
    through convenient, frequent, free updates. If you make it easy for users
    to buy and make full use of your product or service legitimately then we
    believe that you'll gain more users from that convenience than you'll lose
    from piracy."

    Apparently, such a model worries the makers of copy protection software.
    Starforce, makers of a product that has triggered much user wrath, went so
    far as to make a post on its own forums that contained a working URL where
    BitTorrent users could go to download illegal copies of Galactic
    Civilizations II (screenshot). This is the same company, after all, that
    threatens its critics with lawsuits, so such hardball tactics are not
    particularly surprising. If companies like Stardock can show the industry
    that good returns are possible without using draconian protection schemes,
    the protection makers may themselves soon be in need of protection."

    firstname dot lastname at gmail fullstop com
    Peter Huebner, Mar 15, 2006
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