System Diagnosis - Hardware Issue

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by, Aug 31, 2006.

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    CPU: AMD Althon 2100+
    RAM: Kingston 3x256MB PC3200
    GPU: AGP 128MB NVidia GeForce 5200

    Ok, well my computer recently started acting a bit strange. For the
    past week or so I've been leaving my computer on, and for the past
    couple of days, my computer has started to have some graphical problem.
    I'm sure many of you know what it looks like when a computer looks
    like it's changing resolutions and how the monitor goes black and a
    click can be heard in the monitor and the screen comes back. Well, I'm
    having that problem but it started out as periodic, then the frequency
    of the events would get higher and higher. After about 7 or so
    flickers of the monitor like it's changing resolutions the monitor will
    go black and won't come back like the signal was lost. Right before
    these episodes though, i would be typing, and my typing would stop, the
    screen goes black, comes back, and then all the keys i would have typed
    would happen all at once. Sometimes after the computer's monitor loses
    signal and you leave it for a minute, the computer would reboot, or
    attempt to, on its own.

    I've already tried updating the drivers, i've download the latest
    NVidia drivers and it seemed to have fixed the problem for the first
    day. I've thought that the problem is most likely a bad graphics card,
    but a friend told me that it could be that or the power supply. When he
    said that i remember that the case i got came with a power supply, and
    the reviews for that case said that the power supply on it only last
    them for a couple of months, however this was about 2 years back and
    still running on the same supply.

    I could use some help or suggestions to try and further issolate the
    problem so I know what I need to do.

    Roger Fedor
    , Aug 31, 2006
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