Star Wars Trilogy on DvD for less!!

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Jim, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I just got into this dvd business. A friend of mine talked me into it
    and I had some extra time to try something new. Basically I'm in
    college and I have a year and a half left and I don't want to come out
    of school not having a job or income or something to fall back on.
    I'm a computer science major and I don't want to take the first job
    thrown at me. I want to be able to choose the job which means I have
    to have money that can sustain me, well enough about that. I've read
    alot about in home or online business opportunities, they sound good
    but they are so hyped up. This business was kind of introduced to me
    in sort of a hyped up way (but it was from a friend so I don't think
    that it was intentional??), but I have a cool family and they talked
    me into researching it before I got involved.

    I'm not big on hype it either works because it's that simple or it
    works because people put hard work into it. I've been in this
    business for a week as of September 6, 2004 and I haven't made a dime.
    But the idea intrigued me and this is what it is. Every agent or
    independent rep. gets their own dvd store, mine is: Every agent gets 5% of direct
    sales from their site. But before you get paid you have to have two
    people under you and 30 dollars spent at your store by you or someone
    else. Which is something that I wasn't told before I got involved.
    But I buy DVDs like anyone else so that's no big deal and I'm sure
    other people see the advantage of this opportunity. If you buy DVDs
    why not get 5% percent back, and just so this is out in the open to
    get into this it costs $189.95 to get started. There are other
    compensations of course like 50 dollars paid to you for the second
    person and every following person you bring in after that. ?If you
    would like to sign up click here.

    So in short:
    - $189.95 to get into the business
    - 2 agents under you, one on the left one on the right and $30 spent
    on your site and then you start getting paid
    - Your hard work or easy work depeding on how many friends you know
    that buy DVDs

    I'm not going to list the compensations again because I think everyone
    can handle getting paid. But I am going to say think long and hard
    about this with planning it can be easy. I have spent my first week
    and I'm probably going to spend this week talking to people who like
    the idea of this opportunity. Be smarter than me find these people
    before hand then make sure you sign up and sign them up the next
    because your site should be up by then. After you do that then you
    all you have to do is spend $30 dollars at your site and you'll be
    getting $50 dollars back just for signing up that second person. This
    what I call a situational business if you have friends who love DVDs
    it's a good situation if you have friends who want to hold on to VHS
    it probably isn't as good.

    If you have any questions about the dvd/movie industry, it's
    potential, or the company's vision for the future call this number
    212-990-6773. It's an automated machine that gives the overview of
    the company in option 1 and part of a speech given by the founder of
    the company talking about his vision for this business. If you have
    any other questions feel free to email me at and if
    I don't have the information on hand I'll research it and email the
    answer to you. Like said earlier I have only been at this for a week
    but I don't want anyone to come into this and get blind-sided with
    things they didn't know. I'll update this page when I get new
    information that I can put on the site abou the company or events and
    specials that may be of interest. I'll also update it when I finally
    make some money. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Jim, Sep 21, 2004
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  2. Jim

    Omarichu Guest

    This has been forwarded to your ISP for immediate account cancellation.
    Omarichu, Sep 22, 2004
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