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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Fred Goodwin, CMA, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Rat Pack, Stooges in Western


    Bill Muller
    The Arizona Republic
    Jul. 7, 2006 12:00 AM

    This week I find the link between Dean Martin and the Three Stooges,
    look into the plight of Porgy and Bess and Song of the South, locate
    Jericho and a South African Oscar winner.

    [excerpt for SOTS]

    Q: Are the studios ever going to release Porgy and Bess or Song of the
    South on DVD? I realize they would not be politically correct at these
    times, but I think these are great old movies.

    A: So far, those films remain out of circulation because they contain
    racial stereotypes about African-Americans.

    The 1959 Otto Preminger version of Porgy and Bess, which was set to the
    music of George Gershwin and starred Sydney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge
    and Sammy Davis Jr., remains out of print. (since 1974,
    reports). But if you're interested in hearing the Gershwin opera, you
    can buy the 1993 TV movie on DVD. (It starred Willard White and Cynthia

    Probably even deeper in the deep freeze is Song of the South, which
    featured Uncle Remus (James Baskett) telling stories about Br'er Rabbit
    and his animated pals. The movie has a Web site devoted to its DVD
    release, but such an event is not likely, considering Disney's
    nervousness on the subject.

    Earlier this year, Disney's dilemma over Song of the South was parodied
    on Saturday Night Live. On the show's animated segment, TV Funhouse,
    two kids travel to the Disney vault and not only see an outrageous
    re-edit of Song of the South, but also bump into Walt's frozen head.
    You can find that clip at the fan site:
    Fred Goodwin, CMA, Jul 11, 2006
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