Sony DVP-CX875P disc-shifting

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by RobMac, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. RobMac

    RobMac Guest

    I was wondering if anyone on here has a Sony DVP-CX875P 300+1 DVD changer
    that has a problem with "disc-shifting" (my term)?

    Here's the problem : I've had this player since 2003 and around mid-2005 I
    started having a problem with the player loading up a DVD that's off by 1
    slot from what is requested.

    (eg. I select Disc 35 "The Matrix" from the main menu, the carousel spins,
    the front panel indicates Disc 35 is loading, and it starts playing "The
    Matrix Reloaded", Disc 36. I shut the unit off, reload Disc 35, and this
    time "The Animatrix", Disc 34 loads up. I choose EZ Play from the menu
    hoping to realign the carousel, and try 35 again, only to get 36 again. It
    loads up the discs on either side of the one I want. - In this example, the
    disc titles are unimportant, except to illustrate that the wrong title
    loads, it's the slot in the carousel that loads incorrectly.)

    This started as intermittent but has since become chronic.
    Sure, I could just try 34 or 36 to get 35, but then the Menu becomes
    meaningless - and it's still a crap shoot - 34 could load up 33!

    Sometimes it even takes up to 45 minutes (yes, FORTY-FIVE MINUTES) for a
    disc to load, as it has been doing all this evening - only to discover that
    it STILL loads the wrong disc, and it's ALWAYS one disc off!

    I searched the 'net and couldn't find any reports of this specific problem
    with this player, but I am getting so fed up - I have 301 DVDs loaded in
    this thing and the only one I can be SURE will play is in the EZ slot (301 -
    for all intents and purposes) - everything else is a crap shoot.
    Will I get the DVD I want to load?
    Will it load right away or do I have to wait 30-45 minutes to find out if I
    get the movie I really want, and if not, will it take another 45 minutes
    after powering off/on, resetting with EX Play, to get the movie I still
    Will I care after 3 hours if I actually get to watch the movie I want? (As
    of tonight's experience, I no longer want to watch The Matrix)

    As cheap as these multi-disc changers have become (in 2003 it was quite
    pricey) I am not able to afford a new changer at this point, and even if I
    could, I don't think I could handle unloading 301 DVDs, pulling out my A/V
    stand to reach the backside. unplugging, rewiring & spending another week or
    more re-loading/cataloging 300+ DVDs!

    Does anyone have any tips on how to reset the damn thing?!?


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    RobMac, Sep 9, 2006
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  2. RobMac


    Apr 1, 2007
    OMIGOD Me too


    I have been having EXACTLY the same problem. Bought mine around the same time, and about a year ago, the "disk-shifting" started to happen. And it is inded getting chronically worse.

    I did a little testing, by unloading ALL 300 DVD's. After unloading and diespersinga few disks back in, it did indeed find them all correctly. So I started loading the machine back up. It worked completely fine up until I had loaded at least 200 r so disks back in. Sometime after that, the disk shifting strater again, and it has been growing steadily worse everr since. It's like the lubrication on the carousel has dried up over time, and it sticks and gets confused. But I have not idea how to deal with it. I too have no desire to pony up for another machine.

    Have you figured out what to do about it? Have you thrown out your machine? Has anyone else had this?

    DHolcomb, Apr 1, 2007
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