Some (minor) negatives about Vonage

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Bob Engelhardt, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. I poked around this NG when I was trying to decide to use VOIP/Vonage.
    I was specifically looking for the disadvantages of VOIP/Vonage. I
    didn't find enough to stop me, so I signed up for Vonage and have
    transferred my POTS number to it.

    It is a terrific bargain and I don't regret doing it, but I have
    discovered a couple of things that I thought I'd pass along. They
    aren't big deals and wouldn't have changed my decision, but I thought
    others might find the info useful.

    - you have to register for 911 and then those calls go to some operator,
    not directly to your local emergency service (NBD)

    - 411 calls are $.99 each

    - Caller id blocking is on a per-call basis only (you cannot do a
    permanent block) (NBD)

    - you a=cannot make or receive collect calls (this might actually be an

    Here is a tip: the 500 minutes you get with the basic service is a lot
    more than you might think. First, the minutes are only on outgoing
    calls, incoming are free, and calls to another Vonage number are free.
    Second, minutes beyond 500 are only $.04 each - this means that all use
    below 750 minutes is cheaper than the $25 unlimited service (750 = 500 +
    250, 250 * $.04 = $10, $15 + $10 = $25). We are currently using about 7
    minutes a day (210/mo). We are a retired couple - other domestic
    situations might have different usage.

    Bob Engelhardt, Feb 16, 2005
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  2. Bob Engelhardt


    I'm not sure if you have experienced this at all, but I've heard some
    horror stories about their customer service. I signed up with
    SunRocket because everyone I spoke to there was really friendly and
    helpful. I didn't get that feeling with the Vonage folks.
    , Feb 16, 2005
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  3. >I'm not sure if you have experienced this at all, but I've heard some
    >horror stories about their customer service.

    My experience of their customer service is that it doesn't exist any more,
    which is the main reason I recently switched to Lingo.

    After nearly two years Vonage voice quality deteriorated to the point
    where more often than not I couldn't hear the other party, althogh they
    always said they could hear me fine. None of the self-help on the Vonage
    web site applies to me, and I was utterly unable to raise a live person
    by e-mail or phone.

    Until then it was fine. If the voice quality hadn't collapsed, I'd
    probably still be using it.
    John R. Levine, Feb 16, 2005
  4. Bob Engelhardt


    Yeah, stories like that scared me away from them originally. I really
    did decide to go with SunRocket b/c of how helpful the people there
    were. I didn't know much about VoIP, and they really made me feel good
    about getting into it.
    , Feb 17, 2005
  5. Bob Engelhardt

    BradReeseCom Guest


    When you need to speak to a LIVE person at Vonage always call between
    1:00AM and 6:00AM EST.


    You will get a LIVE person immediately between those times.


    Brad Reese
    BradReese.Com Cisco Repair Worldwide
    United Kingdom: 44-20-70784294
    U.S. Toll Free: 877-549-2680
    International: 828-277-7272
    Fax: 775-254-3558
    BradReeseCom, Feb 18, 2005
  6. Bob Engelhardt

    Wes Groleau Guest

    John R. Levine wrote:
    >>I'm not sure if you have experienced this at all, but I've heard some
    >>horror stories about their customer service.

    > My experience of their customer service is that it doesn't exist any more,
    > which is the main reason I recently switched to Lingo.

    Nov. 2005 update: I am a new Vonage customer. I was advised
    by a "satisfied customer of over a year" to never expect any
    support by e-mail, but that phone support was OK.

    One day after installation, I have to disagree.

    I DO get a live person every time. These people
    DO speak English fairly well. However, their accents
    are just strong enough that when you mix them with the
    ABYSMAL quality of their help-desk phone service, they
    are very difficult to understand. Now I have heard that
    audio quality of Vonage is excellent. But their help
    desk people sound like they are using a five-dollar
    speaker phone with a defective interference cancel.

    Also, it always takes several tries to persuade them
    that I am not using Windows. And even after that, they
    still use standard Windows troubleshooting techniques.
    (In other words, the first thing to try is to reboot
    the computer and the second is to cycle power on the
    entire network.)

    And WHY am I calling the help desk? Because exactly
    one hour after booting the computer and getting an IP
    address from the Motorola VT1005V adapter, the adapter
    cuts off all IP (including a ping direct to its admin IP)

    Wes Groleau
    "The reason most women would rather have beauty than brains is
    they know that most men can see better than they can think."
    -- James Dobson
    Wes Groleau, Nov 19, 2005
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