Sipura spa-841 first impressions

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Wolfgang S. Rupprecht, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. The approximately $90 Sipura spa-841 is a very nice step up from the
    approximately $65 Grandstream "BudgeTone-101". For the extra $25 you
    get a much higher resolution display that is capable of displaying
    alphanumerics. That gives you a display that can see the "name and
    number" of someone calling you (unlike the Granstream that only gives
    you the number).

    In most respects, this phone appears to be a typical Sipura ATA, with
    the normal rather flavorful half dozen setup menus. In theory you can
    connect to 2-4 different service providers (depending if you pay the
    extra $30) to make it a "4-line" phone or just leave it at the base
    "2-line" version. I'm not quite sure why they think anyone would pay
    extra money to turn on extra software features like this, but only
    time will tell.

    Folks that liked their Grandstreams, but hated the fact hat they had
    no alphanumeric display to display the callers name will love this
    phone. It displays the incoming ascii name, number and calling time
    with no problem. In theory this phone also does SRTP, secure RTP with
    encrypted packets. No telling if this works because Sipura seems not
    to want to document how to generate or load secure keys.

    The bad parts: The rubber buttons and/or the plastic case aren't
    smoothed correctly and the buttons will stick for the first couple of
    dozen pressings. They obviously didn't spend much time testing the
    moulds. The ethernet rj45 is also made with little precision. A
    normal rj45 cable plugged into the phone didn't work at all. The
    stock (rather short) Sipura rj45 100baset cable did. I suspect that
    the phone's rj45 just had weak/defective spring wires and it needed a
    slightly oversize rj45 to make a connection. This isn't a great sign
    for their quality control dept., but at this point I'm still willing
    to take a sipura phone with a crappy rj45 over a grandstream phone
    with a non-functional message button (like the bt-101 with the latest
    "stable" firmware).

    Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
    Hate software patents? Sign here:
    Wolfgang S. Rupprecht, Jan 22, 2005
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